Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)


I did miss AK. I’m not much for Epcot.


But that’s not closing any loophole, except if someone moves offsite.

I think they will want to do more than that, to discourage people from booking a leading reservation. Given that they’re allowing 2 days to re-book, I think they may flag the account and 2 days later simply do a scan to ensure your check-in date is not more than 60 days ahead. If it is, then your FPs get cancelled.

If you cancel between 30and 60 days, they could just argue that you still have a jump start over offsite guests for booking anyway.

However, I’m pretty sure it will apply only to those cancelling after the new rules are introduced.


When did you ask her? TAs haven’t been briefed yet, according to the article. In which case your TA is correct as things currently stand. But if you cancel after Monday, it may not be correct.


Maybe it is because Anaheim is not a vacation destination in general, and we mostly stay offsite right across from the parks on Harbor, so the real world is too close for comfort. Lots of begging and homeless sleeping (though Anaheim recently removed the seating at the bus stops to help with this). At WDW we are always onsite and never go offsite for much of anything, so feels like a vacation where the real world doesn’t exist? I love the Disney bubble. I also love the DL quick service and appreciate that we save money there, but I really enjoy the feel of the TS restaurants at WDW.


I love Epcot and it is my DD17’s favorite park. She asked if this year we could skip MK and just go to Epcot everyday! :rofl:


That’s cool.
Not enough rides there for my crew. And a lot of walking.

I will be happy to try GOTG ride.

We had an AirBnB in Anaheim. We are also big Marvel fans and that’s only at DLR. :+1:


DHS was my favorite this past time.


Today. I emailed her today.


I think they will take this a step further to prevent a “leading” reservation like I did in the future. Not sure if that will be immediately or take a bit longer.


My DS15 is more like you guys, not enough rides at Epcot for him. DD17 doesn’t care if she misses a ride there as long as she can snack at Flower and Garden food kiosks and explore each shop in every country.


We have food allergies and a tight budget. Maybe that’s my problem.
I do like the chance to meet Mulan and Soarin is a gem.


And this is what happens when we break the first rule of The Trick Which Must Not Be Named. And the second rule.


I told of me cancelling my throwaway room and keeping the fast passes on the Dis and they deleted the thread.


Anything that hurts folks trying to game the system, I’m for.


Yes I think Epcot is much less interesting if you take all the food out of the equation! Although we enjoy all the performers like Sergio and Serveur Amusant, plus the movies in France, America, and Canada as well. When I was there in December I really enjoyed all the Holiday performers in each country and just the general feeling of Christmas in the park, mainly World Showcase. Candlelight Processional was beautifully done by Neil Patrick Harris. I could have gone to Epcot every day that trip!


I’m contemplating a holiday trip and am looking forward to seeing the Epcot decor. :+1:

I liked the 2000 additional countries display.

I think additions like Ratatouille and GOTG will help my general Epcot outlook. :+1:


Discussing what they consider cheats is against the rules on the DIS.


I’m not sure they will do anything about the leading reservation issue. People rebook all the time for perfectly legit reasons. I think as long as you have a reservation covering the days of your FP, they won’t delete it for fear of angering guests with legit issues.


I think so too. Now don’t get me wrong, what I have done was not fair. I was able to get my two days worth of fast passes around 5 days earlier than what I should have, but with a short stay and only two days worth of tickets, there was no way I would get a chance at FOP for my time frame.

Now for some reason if they get cancelled, we might just do DAH.


Real-world example. Friend of mine had a 10 day trip booked. Got his FPs at 60 days.

About 6 weeks before his trip, his best friend told him he was getting married and asked him to be the best man at his wedding. Problem was it was on the first day of his trip.

So he changed his reservation and was able to shift the trip by two days. He cancelled the FPs on the two days that he cancelled, and added FPs to the end of his trip at day 42.

Now, should he lose all his FPs because he had to shift his trip by two days? I don’t think that would be fair either. And that’s why I don’t think they will get rid of the leading reservation issue - there’s too many legit cases.

In the current situation, the answer is obvious. If you make FPs at day 60, and then cancel your onsite reservation, you should lose the FPs. They were tied to the days you were staying onsite.