Genie+ Record Highs

I see on the personalized plans page of TP they’ve changed the wording to “will you but Genie+ for about $35 a ticket? It used to say $22. I’m assuming they think it will stay arojnd $35. Not happy about that.

Down to $25 today. Feels like a bargain.


I wonder if crowds are lower or if their standby wait inflation experiment wasn’t as successful as they were hoping.

It seems like crowds are lower from wait times and what I read in chat - although it’s race day. I guess it’s just showing that they don’t plan on having it $35 constantly at least for now.

We’ll be there 6/3-6/10!

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My guess is the there will be a number of $15 days in September and a few others scattered throughout the year, but not many.


Down to $20 today!


Nice, stay down for next week please!


I agree. My guess is they’re aiming for a wider price range than before, say $15-$49.

The rare $15 low end is for PR and the higher end allows them to make bank on busy days.


$15 is back for Sunday. Looks like the first time since Feb. 4.


Strange that the price is going down despite moderate crowds.

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Crowds seem low. Although last week was lower I think when it was $20. Who knows?


Seeing the $15/pp despite low crowds has me thinking:

Also I am curious about something related to pricing and sell-out. When it was $45/pp and crowds were insane it was selling out. If crowds are lower - hence the $15 price - and it doesn’t sell out, does that speak to Disney finally figuring out the precise ratio that keeps both LL and standby moving well? :thinking: That ratio doesn’t change, right (I mean unless they change the number of ride cars available but let’s just keep it simple)?

So by pricing it high they can try to deter people from buying it. Only a percentage of guests will want to buy it at that price, but the guest experience for both days will be the same. And by “selling out” when it hits that max number of users they can have to not screw up the overall experience, they also serve to generate FOMO by guests who get concerned that when the price is higher they better buy it because that means crowds are high and it will probably sell out so they can’t hesitate. Selling it at 3x the lowest rate will make up the revenue from selling it low on those days because you’re still selling up to the same max number.

I feel like my logic is just off the mark here so if someone could nudge it the tiny bit to clean up any errors in my thinking I would appreciate it.


Demand (people’s willingness to pay a higher amount) also goes up when the parks are crowded. Because the perceived value is higher. The fact that it sold out at the higher price means they didn’t price it high enough to capture the most money out of that rising demand. And that it doesn’t sell out on low crowd days, means the price is too high for the lower value.


That’s definitely a straightforward way to look at it.

I think in general your thought process makes sense. @ISUamanda’s point is also relevant.

I think Disney’s priorities in order are 1) maximizing revenue (# sold X $ price) and 2) making sure the LL experience is perceived as worth the price and 3) not making standby a horrible experience.

They certainly need to balance these three priorities because if 2) or 3) are not addressed, that could impact long-term revenue due to guests not returning or not purchasing Genie+.


I wouldn’t say it’s low crowds. FOP had a 3 hour wait time at one point yesterday. Friday wasn’t bad at Epcot but I don’t think the low crowds/quick wait times of early last week are a thing this weekend.


AK yesterday was a special case though.

But the rest I’ll defer to your experience on.


Yeah AK could have been an anomaly. But these wait times do not look like early last week wait times.


Yeah those look average-ish, not low to me