Genie+ Record Highs

I will have a live trip report so keep an eye out!


Easter is early-ish next year too. Right at the end of our spring break (last week of March) so it will be extra crazy.

I’ve always heard that the week leading up to a holiday (like Easter) is the craziest, then it calms down. Seems to fit with Genie+ not selling out today.


Still $35 today…


I can work with that. Thanks for the info!

I saw. Crowds seem lower though. Hoping it goes down in the next few days.

We have the same spring break next year and my sister’s kids have the same week, which never happens, so we were thinking of hitting Disney together. Just noticed that the week ends with Easter, not excited about that.

The other option is to meet during Christmas break. At least it’ll be cooler…

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Still $35 today…
Starting to wonder if it will go back down :weary:

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I think we are still in “spring break” season, being the week following Easter… I think it will be more telling what it is NEXT week.


After watching the crowds, G+ prices, and return times even with crazy G+prices, you might want to plan for a beach vacation. :crazy_face:


I’m doing exactly this, going to stay at the beach and do maybe 1 day at MK to see HEA.

Just got back from a spring break trip to Puerto Rico, actually, which probably cost less than just the tickets to Disney.

I’m actually wondering if it has ever been back to $15 since they announced the “dynamic pricing”


Not often. You can scroll through the prices here. The last time it was $15 was 2/4/23. The lowest price it’s been since then is $18 on 3/7/23.

Here is the last couple of months in a graph form (see blue dots).


Exactly. I feel like this was there big plan all along.

Genie as low as $15 (cough cough wink wink only one or two days a year)


Does Disney make public what the sales of Genie+ look like on a daily basis? Or the quantity of LLs they push out? I’d be very curious right now if they are just playing, seeing how high they can keep the daily cost and what that does to the overall consumer experience. It still seems like LLs are advancing fairly quickly despite the price, so either just as many guests are purchasing G+ or they are keeping the cost high but making the bucket of available LLs smaller.


No. Disney makes nothing - or nearly nothing - public. Probably the closest you get is on earnings calls. They’ve never shared data to that granular level.


It is still very busy this week. I’m hoping the price goes down next week.

I’m hoping the price goes down next week.

Yeah, me too…since I will be there next week :weary:
If it is $30 or higher we will probably only get it for 1 day. Mostly on principle rather than finances.

I ran some numbers quickly here, and if they need to continue to make up some of this revenue that they’re losing elsewhere, it does not seem likely that this price will go down to $15 on any sort of regular basis anytime soon. It just does not seem like there is any incentive for them to do it, considering how much money it brings in at up to $35 per day. Also, once they’ve gotten a taste of this increased revenue, it will be hard for them to revert back.