Genie+ Record Highs

Wait times seem very average over the last two days. Crowds too. Definitely not low crowds.


It’s true that the last few days have had slightly higher wait times compared to earlier in the week despite having lower Genie+ price. But still much lower than Spring Break on both metrics. The correlation is not perfect but in general lower waits = lower Genie+ price.


Crikey! I hadn’t noticed it that high. $35 (plus tax) was the most I’d seen it. It has me wondering about waits for LL too. I’m paying not to wait. I am not waiting! 15 minutes tops is permissible but no longer than that. I wonder how long some of the waits are when it is super busy. I guess this is the reason the lines for Guest Services are very long too. People wanting refunds - despite the disclaimers they’ve added. We go fir the last 10 days of July - so hoping for cheaper daily rates than $30.

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I think LL lines remain low. This graph is showing you stand by times.

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I have a thought, but not necessarily evidence to back it up. But I think that G+ will make it so even low ACTUAL CLs will make the TP CLs look higher. (Requisite reminder that TP’s CLs are NOT actual CLs, but merely correlate with actual CLs.)

So, when CLs are low(er), Disney will lower the price of G+ in order to try to sell more, since guests might not otherwise feel it is worth the cost. Indeed, if G+ were not an option, we would see the wait times considerably lower.

But what happens with G+? It inflates the standby waits as more people utilize the LLs. But ride throughput hasn’t changed. It can still handle the same number of people. So what happens if you have people who pay for G+ getting on MORE rides in the day. Since the wait times are already relatively low, this means that the time to the next available LL after tapping in goes way down. So, that person using G+ might be able to get on 2-3 rides in an hour (totally made up statistic) compared to the stand-byers who only manage 1-2.

The end result, however, is that it would show up in the TP CLs as standby waits still looking to be average, not low.

This is what Disney wants. They never want standby waits to look low…because that would mean people would see no value in paying for G+. They need to find that balance of selling enough G+ to ensure the standby waits are always a bit longer than folks would want. Selling G+ at just the right price-point to ensure enough people are using the LLs to drive up standby waits accomplishes this.


I think with G+ they are looking to balance it, so that both experiences fall within acceptable to the guest. The G+ guest feels they are skipping the line, but the standby guest feels that their wait is acceptable given that it’s free.

Have you seen that long video about the whole FPP and queueing theory?

Exactly :slight_smile:

Oh look at that - we agree on something!


For sure. It actually supports almost everything I have ever stayed about FPP in the past. G+ has a slightly different dynamic that is harder to nail down because there is more variability and unknowns.

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