Future FPP Speculation

Just idle musing here since WDW has a bit of a clean slate here.
Do you think when Fast Pass comes back, will MK have tiers?
If so, which attractions will be Tier A?
And/or will we see virtual queues and/or boarding groups for more attractions?

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MK has so many rides, I’m not sure it would need Tiers. It depends so much on the ages of the family which rides they’ll target for their FP’s. For me and DH, we always pick Space, BTM, HM for our first 3 of the day. (Or 7DMT)
But families with small children may choose rides in Fantasyland for their first 3 FP’s. I think it gets spread out enough naturally, without the need for tiers.


IMHO - FPP is not coming back, at least as it has been utilized in the past. It’s going to turn into a paid MaxPass system like Disneyland and other Disney parks use. It’s been widely speculated this change is coming for years, but there’s never been a “good” time to do the switch. (until now) Plus, the upcoming “Disney Genie App” has been presented as part of this conversion away from the traditional FPP


So when WDW says “Fastpass is suspended temporarily”, are they being somewhat dishonest??

There are sooo many examples of when Disney has said a show or attraction is temporarily suspended and it never comes back… It’s almost code for “permanently closed but we don’t want ppl to freak out!” :crazy_face:

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That really makes sense. It would give an initial uproar, but if people go without it for many months it’s not as big of a deal.


Now, to be clear, I’m just speculating. For all any of us knows, FPP could come back next week!

But a paid system has been in the rumbling for a very long time. Almost every other Disney park uses it. It’ll be a good way for them to begin to recover some financial losses too.

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Well, in Disneyland if you don’t want to pay for MaxPass (we usually don’t), you can still pull paper fast passes from the machines. (The paper part is just a reminder though. You scan your ticket or the ticket in your phone to go in.) So maybe WDW will do the same which means Fast Passes are still a thing just not FPP. Based on what folks here are willing to pay, I think most will pay for MaxPass and love it. It seems far superior to the FPP system, but I’ve never used FPP. When we went to WDW it was before that system was implemented. I think what’s suspended is the separate queue because they need that queue for distancing.


It would be a bummer for my March trip if crowds are higher but I can’t get FPP :no_mouth:
And I’ve been so excited to snag some FP drops :roll_eyes:

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As someone who has used both paper fast pass & FPP, but never MaxPass I can say that I already prefer MaxPass. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to using at DLR.

I love to plan, don’t we all here :grinning:, but planning those FPP at 60 days out is such hassle & you’re “locked in” (basically) on the 3 rides you are doing until you get to #4. Plus, it includes photopass! ($170 at WDW)

My niece and her husband have purchased maxpass for one of them (too expensive and not worth it for the whole family in their opinion) just so they can get the photo pass!

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Same here @darkmite2.

I like Disney planning but hate FPP. It was helpful to have CL FP during Christmas to break the tiering and skip more lines, but still hated the process.

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So, bear with me, how does the Memory Maker compare to photopass?

Disney tends to use the terms PhotoPass and Memory Maker interchangeably, so it can be confusing at times. Just remember that PhotoPass is the name for the service and individual photos, while Memory Maker is the name of the photo package containing all of your PhotoPass pictures.

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The only reason I can think that they would have tiers is for Tron when it opens. But it wouldn’t make sense for just one ride, so I assume they would throw space mountain in so you can only get one Tomorrowland headliner.

But I doubt they’ll do it anyway. I can’t remember if FPP debuted before 7DMT. They didn’t use tiers when it opened, and I doubt they will now.

Good point.
I was just thinking since it’s the only WDW park without tiers if they’d introduce them with whatever they do.

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There’s just no need. Tiers are there to spread the crowd between headliners,

I personally don’t like the idea of Maxpass, because we go for 2 weeks. 14 days with 3 of us paying, is it $15?, just to get decent FPs is $630! And I actually like having my FPs booked in advance so I can plan round them.


I agree that they will most likely go to a ‘paid’ extra feature for FPP. I would certainly pay for it!
It makes sense, Disney will make more money and it may keep the crowd numbers lower.

The whole point of going to WDW is the hundreds of hours of painstaking spreadsheet work planning the vacation. With ADRs at 60 days and no FPPs there’s barely any planning.

Would there even be any point in going any more?


But think of the endless possibilities!

You could plan so many scenarios without being restricted by what ADRs you booked and what FPs you might get. That’s a whole extra 4 months of planning without anything limiting your plans. You’ll be in 7th heaven, at least.