Full Harmonious Show Test

They did a complete Harmonious runthrough tonight after EPCOT closed.





Those effing barges are not enough to support the pyro - they need MORE BARGES to do that part?!


I don’t think that is a change. They have always had a separate barge for the fireworks, haven’t they? Makes sense from a safety standpoint.

You’re missing my point.

Yes they always had pyro barges.

No, we didn’t have to stare at other monstrosities all day long AS WELL AS see pyro barges brought out too.

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I see. Did the pyro barges come out when it was daylight before? If they come out after dark, I suppose people won’t really see/care. I honestly don’t know since it has been far too long since I’ve seen fireworks at Epcot.

Yes. If you read the article they came out at 6pm for this test. And in the past they came out around that same time for illuminations

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Ha! Apparently a picture ISN’T worth a thousand words…I just looked at the photos and video…didn’t actually read anything. :wink:

I believe the “monstrosities” are to be fountains during the day.


I thought I heard fireworks at about midnight. By the time I got to the window (maneuvering around an ECV in the dark is a unique challenge) they had stopped!


No. Just no.

So it sounds like no to all of it. But can you be more specific?


It’s an interesting take on the World Showcase.

Explore and enjoy the vast showcase of the World’s cultures, cuisines and people surrounding a hub that’s a jarring, inexplicable mess.
Well, that’s Humanity: diverse and beautiful on the outside, ugly as sin on the inside.


They are showing the quiet part out loud :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No to everything having anything to do with Harmonious. I was initially hopeful bc even though I looooooooved Illuminations, it had been around for a long time. I’m not totally anti innovation and new things, but everything up to and including the name of this new stuff is just disappointing. :pensive:

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OMG, the fugly space tacos turn into fugly space dinos? I hate it.

I do like that it’s a going to be a good fireworks show from outside the park. I’m a big outside the park fireworks watcher.


I was watching a video yesterday of the water fountain testing and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Oswald the Octopus



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Do you think when Harmonious debuts and/or they bring back other fireworks shows at the other parks, they will also bring back the reserved seating dining options right away? (Fingers crossed by July)

I’m going to have to bring earplugs, going to be so loud.

Once they have trained all the new and returning CMs and College Program CMs, I suspect they will start the dining options.

When in July? :wink: There’s good news and bad news ….

Harmonius is set to debut on Oct 1st according to at least a couple of reliable sources.

But July should see both MK fireworks and Epcot Forever returning, possibly both coming back on the same night to spread crowds. And almost certainly after July 4th. Whether that’s the 5th or later we’ll need to wait and see.