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I am planning my families first trip to Disneyworld in early May. I am trying to get clarity on when to schedule my fast passes. We plan on RD each park that we attend so should I book fast passes starting at 9,10, 11am? or should I start at 11am and take advantage of the shorter lines from 9 to 11.

Thanks in advance!

If you can get them at 9, 10, and 11, then just RD other rides with short lines until you reach the end of your first FP window…so, like, at 9:50 or so, get in the FP line. That gives you 50 minutes to do other things.
After you use your 9:00 FP at 9:50, you’ll be ready to do your 10:00 FP immediately, at which point you can try to modify the 11:00 FP earlier if you want.

I’m noticing that, other than Epcot, obtaining same-day FPPs is becoming much more difficult to do once you hit 1:00, so using your FPs earlier in the day will give you more opportunities to get a same-day FP later in the day.

I’m going to start monitoring this on a daily basis for a bit to see how it is playing out across multiple days.

Generally agree with the above - but we aim for the first FPP to start 30 mins after park opening - so 9:30-10:30, then 10:30 and 11:30. This gives us around 1 hour 20 mins to do other rides and then leads us into lunch Around 12:30 to 1:30. Usually allows us to get an extra FPP for after lunch. This also works with our touring strategy which is parks till early afternoon, rest back at the hotel and then parks again in the evening.

IME – I don’t plan my first FPP until 10am. (sometime 10:30am)

There is no need for it until then. If you do a RD you can walk on at least 2 E-Ticket rides in that first hour. I know most ppl use up the FPP to get more ASAP. The reason I don’t is because I like to guarantee that the rides I get at 10am / 11am / 12pm are exactly where I want them during the most popular times of the day. There’s no guarantee if I use my 3rd FPP at 11:05am that I can get a 4th FPP at anything nearby / “E-Ticket”.

I treat every FPP that I get after the third to be a bonus and I book them based on my current location – not popularity. If I’m at PotC and see a 4th FPP at Space Mt. I don’t book it and rush over. I look to see if Jungle Cruise or Splash have any options & etc…

I know that’s not the popular opinion, but it works well for my family.


That’s what we did for AK and MK last month. It worked well, especially at MK. Since we had a FPP for 7DMT for 8:30 am, we zagged to the left instead of the right for RD. We did 6 rides by 9:40 am.

Are you going from RD to park closing or after night activities? Even with an afternoon break, RDing 4 consecutive days is rough. We needed a break from RDing after 2 days.

We just went in mid January (12th-17) and went with the earlier fastpass strategy (Except for AK). It worked very well for us in acquiring additional same day FP+. My son for example on the 12th at MK (CL 4) used 12 FP+. We had 0900 PPF, 1000 7DMT, and 1100 Space Mt. The strategy was to use our first one toward the end of the time window (between 0945 and 1010). That way you use RD to ride a couple/few attractions (we did BTMR and HM and would’ve done Splash as well if it wasn’t being refurbished). Here’s a link to our MK trip report 12, 13 Jan 2020 MK trip report. I’ll also be adding our other parks shortly.
Here’s HS:
HS 2-day (14, 16 Jan 2020)

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On those days we are planning on leaving the park in the late afternoon. We are there for 10 days so we are not going to the park everyday