FP Mickey's Halloween Party

Are you able to get fast passes to use during the Halloween Party?

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If you try to book them after 5pm, they get cut off at 6pm


Welcome ! It is a little complicated. Can you tell us : do you have regular park tickets and is you party ticket linked to you account?

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We have oark tickets, but do not plan to use them that day (it is our arrival day). I believe we have already linked our Halloween tickets to the Disney Site, We can enter at 4pm right. The party starts at 7pm. Could we get fast passes for 4, 5 and 6?

It is complicated . This is an older thread

This is the thread I started to track this year

You should be able to book FP on your party day. Book all your other days first, then book the party day 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30. There is a risk your last day of FP could be cancelled so watch carefully. If they do drop your last day refer to this post to help you get it fixed.


Following this thread since I will be making fpp on Monday and hope to take advantage of this

So if I have regular tickets for every park day. And MNSSHP tickets for one evening, can I make fpp with reg tickets for the morning park and fpp with the MNSSHP for MK that evening?

Only if your party ticket is not linked to your profile. If it is not, you can create a separate MDE account, link the ticket, and make FPs 30 days out.

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Thanks for the quick reply PT! Unfortunately I’ve already linked it to my account

If you want to do the work, you can still transfer the party tickets to a dummy MDE or profile. You would then need to stop by guest services to pick up new RFID cards to access the FP booked on the party tickets. It’s a bit of work and might not be worth the effort for some peeps.

Thanks AuntB. I feel that I can handle this and would like to take advantage of the extra FPPs. So I make a dummy MDE account. Reassign the tickets to those dummy profiles and then link the dummy profiles to my main account? Stop by guest services and get the rfid card and use that for entry to the party?

Yep! That sums it up. You don’t HAVE to make a new MDE account if you don’t want to. Different profiles on the same MDE account are also acceptable. Just make sure the names are significantly different. I use nicknames or middle names. If the names are too close disney will helpfully try to merge duplicate profiles/accounts. :wink:

I also should mention because your dummy accounts won’t be on a onsite resort reservation party FP will be made at 30 days and not your 60 day window.

Thank you AuntB this is all so helpful! Luckily I will not be trying for any too hard to get FPPs so the 30 day window should still give me what I want.

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I use pets’ names with the original last name “Smith”. I am.getting a grey magic band with the nickname “Ghost” for one of my dummy accounts (booked through Priceline, insists I have 2 people and could not decline Magicband :pleading_face:

I added a dummy person on my friends and family list named “Ghost Guest” so that I could book overlapping dining on mine and my husband’s accounts without everyone’s names pre-populating.

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