MNSSHP and FP+ question

Hey everyone,
We are starting our 9 day trip with the MNSSHP, whishing to keep one ticket for our last day having only an 8-day ticket.
I have read that I could not book FP+ for the MNSSHP, even though I plan to get in at 4:00PM I should not use FP+ between 4:00 and 6:00 because if I did, I could not book FP+ for my last day.

My question is, once I am in the park at 4:00 can I book one fast pass, then once I’ve done it book another one etc… without impacting my FP+ for the last day of my stay, if I make sens?

Thanks for your help.

Since you will have entered the park as a special ticketed event admission at 4:00 PM, not a regular park admission, I don’t think the system will recognize it. I don’t think I’d want to try it and somehow triggering a regular park day entry in the process.

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This is absolutely not a concern as long as you enter via the party designated lines. You 100% can prebook party ticket FP or if you don’t want to prebook grab them on the day of. In my opinion prebooking is the way to go. Book regular days first and then the party day FP. If anything gets cancelled, Disney will help you fix it.

Yes if you are more comfortable doing it this way, you can with almost zero little risk. The system historically catches the FP being booked without sufficient ticket media during the overnight system sweeps. But again, I would recommend prebooking your party ticket FP and just keeping an eye on them.

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Thank you