FastPass on its way back?

:frowning: Yeah. Sorry if I was being insensitive about that. I really do feel bad for you. My joking got away from me there.

Oh not insensitive at all! If we didn’t laugh we’d cry. And you did make me laugh.

Is there no way to see AK at night with the park closing at 6 or 7? It gets dark later than that.
I wonder if we will be able to do FPP for our 2nd park if we have a reservation for a different one. As long as we have a hopper it will probably be ok. In theory.

Yeah but… it’s Niter…

A magical, mystical date upon which beautiful things happen.

(ahem - its my birthday)


He was not the only one reporting it last night but it was the only screen shot. He reported when he tried to go back it disappeared.

I was just making a joke at his expense.
Love the guy!

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I was kinda disappointed! I went into my app and no fast passes!

I have a link if i search fastpass like bebe80 did but it doesn’t work when i click on it


I never did before, but this time I did. In the before time, once ADRs and FPs were booked, the plan was pretty much set. This year, things are changing a couple times a week, so I hedged our bets.


Now if there was a FP option for giving birth…

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I’d like to be able to do ADR’s right after the park reservation. That sounds darn right pleasant. Plus, us planners would have a huge advantage. Bwahahahahaha.

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It definitely makes sense this year and I’m sure if I had a trip my plans would be much less set.

Yeah I liked 60 but I’d be ok with 90. 180 is too long beforehand to have a firm plan. Attractions and restaurants open and close in that timeframe.


We were just talking about this on another thread and there is an episode of the Disney Dish from years back that talks about this very thing. Jim Hill interviewed the guy who invented FP. They did a trial of what became FP at AK and the people who used it, loved it. This guy’s take was that FP was all about client satisfaction (real or perceived benefit), FPP was about Disney’s ability to manage crowds. It is a really interesting and entertaining listen. It is episode 100 of the Disney Dish podcast with Jim Hill and Len Testa, dated March 31, 2016.


So maybe they’ll come back when they start caring again about guest satisfaction. (Don’t smack me)


We are here now. I would LOVE to see fast passes back! All headliners have been long lines and we have been at the mercy of the WL busses. Even magic kingdom the bus was behind. Rope drop hasn’t worked that well and I abandoned it after day 3 since my family was so miserable. I wouldn’t come again in summer unless they stayed open late and we had fast pass.


Maybe, but it misses the point that FPP was NOT about guest satisfaction! :joy:


I’m sure that head office convinced themselves that guests were more satisfied shopping and eating than standing in line.
Win-win all the way

This is my major issue atm. Most of our APRs are for DHS because of Star Wars. I’d love be able to park hop for lunch instead of waiting until 2 pm. And our AK day is a half day and I’d prefer evening FPs, but our APR is at DHS. It just messes everything up. It feels like park hoppers don’t really let you do what we want to anymore :frowning: