Extended Evening Theme Park Hours?

I think the implication was that this would be a free event but only for DVC / Deluxe. Some people were speculating that it could be paid (the way Club Level had “access” to additional FPP but had to pay) but most discussion I’ve seen from people close to the situation have been assuming free.


Only two nights? Hm hoping they add the other parks too!


Still furious about this.


If that’s the case, it makes a bit more sense. It becomes a new DAH. …er until a bunch of people buy in and the benefit goes kaput. But how likely would that be to happen?


These Extra Evening Hours haven’t been added to the Touring Plans crowd tracker yet? Will they be?

We are going in Dec and plan to avoid altogether the Extra Evening Hours parks. I think this whole thing stinks. If non-Disney property hotels (all the Disney Springs) were excluded from the Early Morning 30 min, I could accept this a little bit more, seeing as at least the Values/Moderates get SOMETHING. But unless this changes, in the future I’ll do all split stays- deluxe/SOG or else just SOG. Just didn’t have enough time to book a room for Shades this time around, as they book out for December so far in advance.

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What stinks is that your park reservations might be locked in before Disney announces the evening extended hours for your trip.


Completely agree. Park hoppers will be key to take advantage of these hours for sure.


Why would you avoid the park with extra magic hours?

I’m not Peggy, but I think I know. The same reason to avoid the early park pre-lockdown. Because it was more crowded.


Nighttime was always different but I guess we will see. The parks don’t seem to be closing any earlier and if you are in line you would be able to go through the attraction.

I don’t know how many folks will be there- with a 9P close, fireworks will be the last thing I’d see without having the extra hours, but I bet extra hours folks would hop earlier, see fireworks, then go on rides also. Could make it more crowded than normal/more of a headache.

I just think I’d rather avoid it, and avoid the parks that have the Party or at least hop away from those. But the holiday after hours isn’t announced either.

Hard to make the park reservations, because so much changes, and it’s OK because I can change stuff as I go along, it’s just a lot of variables to consider… I just want to avoid parties and evening extra hours, since I’m not going to attend either of those.


I wonder if the Extra Magic Hours will ruin the strategy of getting to ride one more headliner in the last (regular) hour?

By ruin, I’m assuming you mean just make for a longer wait? But it should be the same as before, enter queue before closing and you’re good. But I would agree that the Extended Evening crowds will be there early and make a longer wait for everyone else.

Also, the “Magic” has been taken away folks, so don’t expect any special enchantment. :joy:


I meant there’s usually a drop in wait times at the end of the regular day such that the UG’s recommended time to ride many attractions is the last hour before closing.

I’m wondering if we won’t see that drop in wait times at the park that is open for Extended Evenings as resort guests either don’t leave or are just starting their visit.

Thus the strategy of last hour riding will be ruined, i.e., you won’t experience a shorter line by deferring it.


I still think you’ll get a pretty short line for that last ride during regular hours. The extra hours at night should see very few guests eligible and so many families stay at deluxe BECAUSE they have little kids for the convenience and those families probably won’t even stay for the late extra hours. I am very interested to see how this whole thing plays out in October.


I guess these haven’t started yet but has anyone estimated what the crowds will be like compared to boo bash and previous AH events? Given its only deluxe and select resorts does that fall under or over the boo bash crowd size?

The short answer is no one knows exactly how many tix they are selling for Boo Bash and also how many people will take advantage of the extra evening hours. I am guessing the extra evening hours will be very low waits for rides, especially the last 90 minutes. We shall see.

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Im debating if its better to go to a boo bash or buy a park hopper to be able to take advantage of the EMH and low crowds at a different park during the day…

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I’d probably go park hopper.


I’m debating calling to try and cancel the boo bash tix for 10/31, its about $1000 in gift cards that i could spend less than half to get park hoppers all week.