DVC You There! - Now with Bonus Content

This morning’s best deal:
2 Nights BC Villas Studio starting 1/10/23 for $265/night. That’s a whopping 46.5% under the median for that resort/room.

Good BCV deals do not last long!


For fun I just plugged that deal into my Scatter/Bar chart - this is only 1 of 2 deals I’ve so far recorded for a BCV Studio at this price point. (The other one was a 1-day rental for $255 in July.)

Even when looking at BCV rentals from the “days out from check in” perspective, super rare to see something this low there.


BCV rental is gonzo.


Crazy deal!

3-night Copper Creek 1-BR Villa starting 1/9 for a crazy $300 per night! Median is $751. (This deal first appeared on 10/4 for $810 per night.)

3-night SSR 2-BR starting 1/8 for $494 per night. That’s still a lot of moola to me, but the Median price for this room in my data is $763!


Terrific hot off the presses last-minuteish Grand Flo studio rental deal: 4-nights starting 1/17 for $337 per night. That’s almost 40% below the $679 median for this room in my past data. This won’t last long. at. all…

For comparison, you can see in this chart there have only been about half a dozen GF Studios at this price since May for rentals of 4-days or longer. (The ones in the green bar.)

(We’ve seen more random 1-day GF Studio rentals around that price, but even for those probably less than 2 dozen.)


That link is showing $994 for 4 nights, which is less than $250 a night…did it decrease again?? It’s a great deal!

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Yes! It showed up this afternoon then dropped in price immediately after! Also, was booked shortly after.


Last minute Aulani rentals are a hard sell I’m sure, but this one is a terrific deal: 3-night rental 1/26/23 for a 1-BR Aulani Villa at $315 per night.

The median per night price I’ve recorded for this room is $1,000 smackers, so that price is >68% off!


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