DVC You There! - Now with Bonus Content

For the record, $288 for the Grand Flo wins the limbo contest hands down. err, everything down.


Some price drops this morning on a few rentals that have been out there for awhile!

First, another big drop for the OKW 2BR Villa mentioned back in thread:
Originally appeared back in August last year for $934/night.
Price drops in March, April, really big one last week again today - Now is $448/night.

That is 38% under median for that room.

An 11-day rental is pretty rare - as in this is the only one so far!
So using 5-days or longer for a more useful comparison scatter chart.

AK Jambo Value Studio dropped to $266 this morning - 6-nights starting 7/1. That’s 21% under median.


I feel like it’s a terrible offer honestly. Owner should have split it up into at least two shorter stays, if not more, to get it to go faster.

Total speculation on my part

I bet you can tell me if I’m right or wrong. What length rental seems to go most quickly :thinking:


Completely agree - what % of all renters want an 11-night rental AND can use it that specific date?

The number of rentals 9-days or more since the start of my project has been 0.8% of all rentals.
There is probably a reason for that.


I knew you’d have that info on hand :wink:


:rotating_light: This Is Not A Test - REPEAT NOT A TEST :rotating_light:

This 7-night Saratoga studio starting 7/21 originally appeared for $291/night at the start of May. There was a price drop a few weeks ago and overnight has dropped another $87 to a low low price of $175/night.

That is 41% under the median price of $294.
(BTW, that median is for ALL SSR studio rentals - If you only look at ones, say, 5 nights or longer that median is really more like $310.)

A $175 DVC rental is roughly equivalent to getting a $156 deluxe room on the cash side, when you take taxes into account.


And… grabbed by a Liner! :slight_smile:


I’m curious who it was!

(It was you, wasn’t it. :wink:)

At a price like that, it seems silly to stay Value




Currently on page two of chat!


Look for the post starting with, “New DVC Rental thread…”


Exciting stuff! It took me forever to figure out how to read the chat. :rofl:

@JJT is a heck of a salesperson…


I didn’t want to call out someone’s name in the forum if they’re not comfortable announcing dates they’d be out of town in a location that is searchable. They did reply on my chat thread that mirrors the info here… :smiley:


Just found it! I don’t know that individual. :sweat_smile: Must be a Chat-only Liner.


Very active on chat for sure, might have seen her once or twice on the forum side.


I think she was on the trip report I did for the 50th bc she joined Janet and me for dinner at Space220.


1-night Kidani studio on 9/19 for $190! That’s 45% under median.


Seeing both ends of the spectrum tonight:

A 1-night AK Kidani studio on 7/30 for $189

And a rare Bay Lake Tower Grand Villa - have only recorded 7 of those before this.
The median for those rentals is $2,640/night - with the small amount of data for that resort/room combo, I wouldn’t put too much weight on that number yet.

But time to break the piggy bank: 2-night rental starting 9/3 for $1,722 per night.


Wow! This is wonderful and something I would totally do (the charts and all) but now I don’t have to. Thank you for providing more time with my (younger) children while I plan to spend some time with my (older) children. :upside_down_face:

I did want to ask the following:

  • What is your trust level with each of these suppliers? I have only heard of one you are using.
  • Why are you not including rentals from Koala?

I haven’t heard anything negative from any of these suppliers, personally I’d have no problem using them. (I don’t speak for Touring Plans, of course.)

Hadn’t heard of Koala. I just tried looking at it on my iPad and couldn’t get my search results to appear. Maybe they are working on the site right now.

But for me to use them they’d have to have a listing of dedicated Disney DVC rentals that my tools could connect to and clean up. Doesn’t look like they have that, even if the site were working for me.

I’ll take another look later from my desktop. :slight_smile:


Just surfed the Go Koala site on my desktop and did find if you hit their Disney resort pages in a certain way there was an “if you’re flexible” listing that look like dedicated rentals, but they’ve buried everything in such complicated code I don’t think it would be worth the time invested to start grabbing them right now. Would take a lot of work to automate.

The data from the sites I’m pulling from now all had their own challenges, but at least all of the dedicated rentals were on a single page, or if multiple pages, each had a single table to grab for all resorts.

BTW, Hoo-boy that Koala interface is busy and annoying.

Some of those listings seem purposely to fudge the price too - one AK Kidani listing said “from $199” - but none of the dates available for that listing were less than $350/night. And it took my opening and closing 7 different listings via a calendar that did not show end dates available until you clicked one of the start dates. Then you had to clear the calendar and start all over. Yikes.