DVC You There! - Now with Bonus Content

4-night Bay Lake Tower 2BR Villa starting 8/26 dropped yesterday to $846, 30% under median.
Originally appeared at $1,246.

Since there haven’t been a huge number of 2BR BLT rentals over time, comparing to all rentals 2-nights or longer:


Top new rentals this morning:

OKW 5-night, 7/30 for $209 or 27% below median.

If you only look at rentals 5-nights or longer, it is even better: about 35% below median.
That earns a Borat voice VERY NICE rating.

OKW 2-night starting 8/23 for $198. 31% below median.
Another VERY NICE.

BLT Lake view studio 6-nights starting 8/26 for $309/night.
33% below median. SUPER VERY NICE.


Just updating the search engine now, don’t have too much time to do any analysis of changed rentals.

But some very nice 1-nighter opportunities coming up in the new ones today. See the prices highlighted in green from my data-pull spreadsheet for ones more than 20% under median.

Also, even though that first SSR rental starting on 7/15 is “only” 12% under median, I’d argue it is a pretty good deal as it is a 6-night rental. There may have been better week long prices over time, but not many.


I lied. I had a minute to look up today’s changed rentals because I’m on my 3rd coffee and decided don’t feel like do anything else yet.

Although I do have to go to Lowe’s to buy a Disney gift card because I have a 10% cash back (up to $25 back) offer on one of my Chase cards that is about to expire.

BRV Studio starting 7/30 for 3 nights dropped today to $304, or 30% under median price for that room.


Only had time to run one data pull at 5PM today as we were on the road early this morning.

Some of the better new ones today:

Poly studio 7-nights starting 7/2 for $417/night. That’s 21% under the median price of $525.

Another 3-night Poly studio starting 8/6 for $416/night.

Boulder Ridge studio for 4-nights starting 8/6 at $333/night.
That is 23% under median.


They recently changed the interface (Koala). It used to be one long list, which you could sort or filter. But w/ 100’s of entries per month, it took forever to scroll through. I appreciate their new interface. Much quicker to see if they have a reservation for my dates or not. I guess I have been using it for awhile, but I don’t think the other sites are any better.

I also like it because they have other options besides Disney resorts. We are leaning towards staying the they Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Can’t beat those prices for a 2 bedroom.


Absolute deal of the day:

AK Kidani 2BR Villa, 4-nights starting 7/12 for $413/night!
That is a bee-autiful 56% under the median price of $936 for that room.
Lowest price for this room since I started recording.

Similarly good: Saratoga 2BR Villa - Preferred for 3-nights for $451 starting 7/25. That is 39% under median. There have only been a handful of these 2BR rooms show up over the entire summer!


That’s insane! Too bad they can’t go.


Hello, I’m wondering if someone can help me verify a DVC owner that I found in a Facebook group. His name is David B Carter. I found him in the DVC Disney Vacation Exchange Transfer Rental and Discussion Facebook group. I’m having trouble navigating that.

Also, the tips in this thread are amazing!! Thank you!


I don’t think we’ve ever done that on this board. You could search for his name on DisBoards, they have more coverage of DVC transactions.


Thank you.


Property records are public. You could look him up there.


Here are FL record links



I would look to see if Disboards has a scammer alert thread too.


Check their history on the site too. Is it a normal profile. Have they done other transactions?


@Nicky_S did anyone save the old MouseOwners thread with scammers? I looked but couldn’t see anything like that on MagicOwners.


AK Kidani Studio 1/28/2024 for 4-nights right out of the gate for $264, or 24% under median.
That is a fairly unusual discount this far out if you are comfortable booking a non-refundable in advance.
It is among the lowest prices I’ve recorded for this room for all rentals 3-nights or longer.


This 5-night OKW studio starting 7/2/2023 has been out there since December where it appeared at $350 per night - NOT a good deal.

But over the last week it has dropped 3 times - twice in the last 2 days - to a smoking $198/night, or 31% under the median price.


You might notice I’m catching up after my VT trip and looking at rentals that changed this week.

4-night BLT Studio starting 7/10 for $342/night, or 26% under median.


I don’t think so.

We were very careful not to bring over anything that wasn’t actually posted by us.


Question on booking DVC through places like David’s. How does the timing work for the 7 month period? Looking to book one of five resorts from 3/24-3.29 and want to know first day I can request to book and get the lesser pricing.