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A CORNUCOPIA of dropping deals today. :corn:
As these are all 1-offs, maybe that makes them a UNICORNUCOPIA? :unicorn:

7-night Copper Creek studio starting 7/1 had a huge reduction today - now $311/night or 22% under median.

Just about the lowest price for this room I’ve recorded for 5 nights or longer - and still easily among the lowest even if looking at all rentals.



OKW 2BR Villa - another huge price drop today.

11 (YES, ELEVEN) nights starting 7/1 now $560/night.
Originally appeared August, 2022 at $934.

11 night rentals are pretty rare, so looking at 4-nights or longer just to have a decent amount of rentals in this chart - pretty nice price, all right.


Thank you for sharing all these pop ups! I know one day I’ll grab one. I did fail at one last month, but it worked out for the best :rofl:


Several very nice rentals appeared tonight - these may be the best two:

BRV 3-night rental starting 8/29 for $283/night.
That’s 34% below median.

Grand Flo 3-night starting 8/6 for $389/night. That’s 27% below median.


Yep. Part of the issue is it’s too hard or stressful to book a last minute Disney trip. (Im assuming you meant DVC renters as the person renting out the points).


Yes, I did mean “renters” as people renting them out, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Several more nicely discounted summer and Sept rentals this morning, too busy to break things out now but this capture shows most the interesting new ones.
Light green > 20% below median
Dark green > 40% below median.

I’m thinking even though reportedly small rooms, $266 for a 2-person Riviera Tower room is a pretty nice price for a 1-night try.


If I lived closer, I would absolutely take it just to try Riviera.


A beautiful 1-nighter in a Boardwalk 1BR villa on 7/5 going for $375, or 47% under the median price of $714.

Originally appeared at the start of May for $700.

Also, another 1-nighter on 9/27 for $399.


OKW studio next January for 10 nights, $205/night! 30% below median this far out.


Putting this here because I haven’t had any other active Priceline/Hotwire threads running in a loooong time.

Even though Disney resorts fell off the literal Hotwire and Priceline hidden deal maps at the start of The Troubles, I still run random searches there with hope in my heart and money in my wallet.

As Yukon Cornelius sagely said…

BUT - if searching dates this summer, you may find some nice Swan & Dolphin hidden deals popping up - below is a 3-night Hotwire example this morning for the Swan Reserve: $199 hidden rate, $276 non-hidden.

If you search the SwanDolphin site for the same dates, it offers a $310/night rate for non-refundable rooms. (Keeping it apples to apples since we’re talking hidden deals.) BUT, if you click through that painful $310 rate, the room actually turns into a $270 rate. Go figure.

Hidden deal: $877
Direct rate: $1,048
(Both include all taxes & fees.)

Also, for the record: If you like B-Resort, last week I spotted some days where it was going for $48 per night. That’s pretty nuts for a 4* resort. (B Resort doesn’t have great ratings on HW or PL, while I’ve heard moderately good reviews of it here over the years, so I dunno.)


This 4-night Bay Lake Tower studio starting January 17, 2024 appeared back in February and a fairly nice $384, especially good for a desired location 11 months away! (Median price is $465.)

But, life gets better: it dropped today to $320/night, or 31% under median.

This is a grab it while the grabbing is good situation, if you’re comfortable both grabbing things and booking a dedicated DVC rental 7 months out.

Price is among the lowest you’ll see for this room…

Also, looking at BLT Studio rental prices vs days they appear before check in, this is a pretty rare listing.

To get really into the nitty with your gritty - using my chart that crunches the medians for all 14-day windows, while there is a drop in median after the year end holidays this price falls WELL below that.

So far well below that Lassie might come looking for help.


That’s $20 per point which isn’t too bad nowadays! Especially since this isn’t like next week.


…and I just realized there’s another BLT studio for 3-nights starting January 8, 2024 for $300/night!
That’s 35% under median.


It is taking everything I have not to grab that one. But, I don’t have my life figured out for January yet.


New today: 1-night Jambo studio way out on 1/8/2024 for $180, or 46% under the median.

Also a 2-night Riviera Tower studio on 12/18/2023 for $338, or 26% under median.

Considering that Rivera rental is leading in to the holiday, seems to be an exceedingly good deal.


Just noticed 3-night Grand Flo studio starting 7/29 dropped from $615/night to $418, or 21% under median price of $532.


New 3-night BLT studio appeared 11 months out for $360/night, or 24% under median. Starts 5/11/24.


This one has been out there since May and even with a $29 price drop is still “only” 16% under median.
But, a 7-night SSR studio starting 7/15 for $248 per night is still pretty nice in context.

If you look at all rentals 2-nights or longer for this room, there are certainly lower prices to be had…

But if you compare it to, say, a more realistic full vacation of all deals 5-nights or longer, it is solidly on the low end of the scale.

Especially since there have been a very low-volume number of SSR rentals for these summer months.


Was a good night for DVC rentals:

New cheapo 1-nighter GF Studio appeared tonight… for $288! On August 1st.
That is 45% under median.

3-night AK Kidani SAVANNAH view for $306/night starting 7/17.
While that is technically “only” 9% under median, that is compared to all studios - this being a Savannah view makes it a much better savings.

For the more expensive rooms…

If a 2BR-Lockoff at Boardwalk is your thing, there’s also a new 6-night rental starting 8/13 for $742/night - which is 33% under median for that room.

A 2BR Villa at Grand Flo for 2-nights starting 8/14 for $1,064/night - which is 25% under the median of past rentals captured for this room.