DVC Paid Member Perk Program Rumor?

I just read this:

It is clearly labeled as a rumor.

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Someone already posted and started a thread on this very same topic/article but I can’t find it now. Maybe I’m imagining it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I thought there were a few comments too

I feel like it would be more than $100. I have trust issues with Disney now lol.


Ya $100 bucks a year seems too low for Disney greed. DVC mbrs already pay a lot every year already and now they want more IF they bring back benefits they’ve eliminated. Maybe more will dump their contracts?

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If there is another thread it is not showing for me- no matter how I look. Sometimes threads seem to hide so if someone has a link I will know to delete this.

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I’ll keep looking. I remember reading the article that was linked too. I can’t remember who started it.

The article was published today.

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I know… and I found it… Genie+ modifications coming? - Walt Disney World - TouringPlans Discussion Forums post 516 @michael.mcclory posted it. Whew… not crazy… but it wasn’t a new thread like I thought, just a post :grin:


The only part that I could see being true is adding extra paid DVC perks. I would be pissed if I bought direct and now had to pay extra for things that had been included though.


I don’t understand what “priority room upgrades means for DVC members.


On the one hand I say FTN. I am so over the nickle and diming. It’s offensive and gross. I’m tired of not being appreciated for what we do already spend. Instead with something like this (again) we are being told that since we spend so much we get the privilege to spend even more to get small perks that should already be included with membership whether direct or resale.

OTOH I was resale first and didn’t buy direct for benefits so I have never felt they took anything away, and this “enhancement” if reasonably priced could be a drop in the bucket for what it nets you.

But really it just nauseates and angers me.


And this is why, ultimately, people will pay for it and Disney will profit. (Which, of course, they are allowed to do, but still!)

I hope, ultimately this rumor proves entirely false. But…it rings true too much for me to fear it has some element of truth to it.


I have to be honest, all of those perks I felt should have already been a part of DVC. I’m not sure how I feel about paying extra to finally enact them. Especially right now with the points restriction. I guess I should be grateful they weren’t already free and now being changed to a paid for option like everything else?

It starting out as a paid-for thing does actually lessen the blow a bit. And as mentioned…$100 isn’t bad and can easily be justified as part of the “annual dues” but then… EVERYONE is going to feel like that so it’s very likely that price point won’t make it at all exclusive (and then we’re back to almost square 1).

But still, since becoming a member of this “club” i haven’t felt there has been any real “club benefits” outside of the room (if that even qualifies). The moonlight magic and other “events” are super rare (and that’s assuming you GET THE EMAIL!), the average food/merch discount is no better than an AP and, really, the AP discount is the only thing I find worthwhile, but I have to spend a ton for it to even work for me


If it’s $100, I’ll likely do it (at least at first), because it’ll finally feel like there’s benefits to this club instead of feeling it’s just a separate group of hotels. And given the discounts will likely end up balancing it out for me and the fireworks spot is extremely tempting as I’m spending that amount NOW on just 1 show for one person. If I can get a guest or 2 into the DVC roped off area like you can for the DVC lounge in Epcot, that alone will justify the the cost.


Isn’t it a disappointment though? It really hasn’t changed in the 30 years it’s been in existence. It feels like an overrated exclusive lobby. @mousematt made disparaging remarks about the unkempt appearance of Club 33 and I believe they pay more, over all, for the privilege than most DVC mbrs do.

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Not to me. It’s an AC’d room in the park where I can get free drinks and snacks and charge my phone/tablet. I have no issues with its look and there’s no time limit on being there so it’s a great place to wait out a rainstorm too.

I’m honestly not sure what else I would even want it to be?


Have comfortable chairs???


hm, I have no issue with the chairs? I never paid them a second thought. Are they that bad?

The only thing I would want is the lounge to be open as long as as the park is open.


I feel exactly the same way. There have been a couple of times when a long break in the lounge has completely recharged me.


:laughing: yes, some of them are horrible… like something you only use w/ company that you don’t’ like and want to encourage them to move along quickly :rofl:


Interesting concept. I bought a huge contract several years ago through resale and was grandfathered in fur works so of course I wish any loyalty program would be based on number of points :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: