DVC Paid Member Perk Program Rumor?

was it a promotion they were doing at the time or was it b/c of the number of points? just curious

I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously.

The Club 33 lounges are lovely. Especially the one at Epcot. And AK.

And, like the DVC one, they are wonderful havens to escape to: quiet, air-conditioned, and you can get food and drink without making an ADR.


awwww yes, sarcasm strikes again :expressionless:

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If @mousematt starts to complain about something, it is probably a sign that he likes it.

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well now… more to worry :astonished: :thinking:

was wondering the same -

if by room upgrade in the traditional timeshare/hotel lingo that would require a complete overhaul of the program ROOM CATEGORIES & SEASON CHANGES IMO

  • I was wondering if they meant something along the lines of the add-on club level amenities like they had tried at reunion station…@Ryan1- agreed if that is in fact the price point and it was per membership not per person, than Genie+ vs UO the price point is to low to be effective. I

Now my question is who would be able to use these pay to use benefits-
would it be tied to one specific owner per fee - or the points used in the contract or is a contract even needed? For example I am the only DVC member in my family- a prior pay to use benefit allowed me to purchase TiwL. I would call and get the 2 card maximum, the second card was issued in Fiancé’s name. He rarely if ever joined us at the park but enjoyed the crew at the Gurgling Suitcase. He is not on the contract, not an AP holder so would not be eligible otherwise.

If this is coming down the pipeline this is FP+ conversion to G+ all over again. It will mean IMO no more ride previews, moonlight magics ect without paying DVC+ will get first access instead for the limited number of available slots ect

ugh- complete opposite
bought the tiniest point purchase I could for direct benefits 50pts and I am grandfathered in the rest are resale…for now if they do make it like the Vegas players club tiered system I am out and done. I will keep my points so that any future grandkids have a small chance at staying onsite

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30 years? Maybe 7-8 certainly wasn’t around when DVC was created.

We visited in 2016, wasn’t in existence in 2012, so less than 10 years.

The only downside to is is not having a bathroom up there.


I remember being in that space over 20 years ago. I thought it was part of a DVC tour, but I can’t say for sure. The space has not changed since I was first in it in 1998

ETA: I think I was in that space before that date though w/ my kids.

@MouseGirl42 shared a lot of the history of the pavilion and what the DVC area looked like when she had visited years earlier.

She also shared this video with me:


I got a chance to go into a similar lounge owned by GE when Horizons was still there. That was 1991. My mom worked for GE and it was reserved for their employees and VIP guests?!

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It used to be Image Works, before closing in 1988 when Imagination was redone. Then used for storage until the lounge opened in January 2016. Might have been accessible to some people but not to the public.

Image Works moved downstairs after it closed in 1988.


I will admit this is a concern for me. When I bought my direct contracts I put them in my name and my son’s. I wanted him to be an official owner. I was aware that you needed to be living in the same household as an owner to get some benefits (mainly the AP) . The way I set it up both my husband and his partner qualify for this benefit.

If I did not know what the rules said, and we did not have multiple documentation (licenses, mailing with both names on address line) there is no way she was getting the AP. I cannot imagine what a program like this would actually cost/ require for family not on the deed.

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  • I had waited and bought in after a 8 year divorce battle…
    I am still leery of adding anyone to the account as it becomes a dividable asset.

I am lucky though that at this point my oldest & his significant other are FL residents and there career path is perfect for pixie dust. My youngest is probably going to settle in Florida - but no way Pixie will work for him…but I will worry about that when we get to that point he is low man on the totem pole and will be traveling so home base will need to be my address.

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With the right price point and the right benefits, I could see myself buying something like this.

I agree with the sentiments above by those who are of two minds.

I’m interested to see if this turns out being true and what the details are.


Someone explain this to me like I’m a 4 year old. Currently we get a discount for an AP. Is this saying that I would have to pay $100 for the privilege of getting that discount (plus maybe some other perks that are currently free), potentially negating the savings?


I think the official position might be that currently IF they were selling APs we would have access to a full price AP, or a Sorcerer Pass ( also available at same price to FL residents).

I guess maybe this might allow us to buy some discounted tickets (similar to what is offered or FL residents) OR maybe give us back a discount on the top AP (if they are ever kind enough to sell it again).

Edited to add- at all times we should be thankful and ask them to please sell us more items we used to have access to?


Yea, but. I just renewed my AP. At a discount.

Regular renewal discount……

Or at least I presume there was a discount involved considering no prices are listed anywhere for AP renewals.