DVC Paid Member Perk Program Rumor?

I believe it is always 15% off the price of activation.

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Gotcha. I guess we’ll have to see if and how this all shakes out before we get our panties in a bunch.

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I am hoping against odds that maybe DVC could get access to Pixie dust pass…

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Pixie Dust pass … the name is a lie :rofl:. It’s SO restrictive one could hardly think they received anything special. But I guess it would be better than nothing

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  • it’s been working out for us pretty well my FL residents . they work retail- so typically they are working weekends & Mondays.

So Monday through Friday access is ideal - and FWIW water park ( add on is has no blockout dates) - that and I I try and strech my points by shaving weekends nights whenever possible. Our typical stays are Sunday-Friday and head over to universal

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I can see it working for some. It is a really good price too.

Unless it’s his stay at the Poly.

Hmmm…lotta flailing and wailing over this. Perhaps my grasp of Teh English isn’t nearly as good as I thought, as I read this:

Granted, we are purely speculating on some of these benefits, but it is hard to find much substance in what we’ve heard about so far.

“Purely speculating” has a pretty plain meaning in my corner of the universe. It comes from the late-Empire Latin meaning “clickbait site talking out the web equivalent of its personal @ss.”



There is both rumor and speculation. The rumor is that there will be some paid DVC benefits. The speculation is what those benefits could be.

In either case, some rumors eventually prove to be true, while others…not so much.

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You know, the other morning DD8 was lounging in bed with me watching old DFB videos on you tube. One of them was about all the free extras at Disney, and every single one of them is now gone. It made me sad. Magic bands, DME, fast passes, all cost money now. DVC benefits seem to slowly be waning.
It really made me think how much extra money they are nickel and diming us for now, and how they really are catering to the people with more money- examples by how they are opening V&A but there has been no talk of 1900 park fare opening. One would think the capacity of that restaurant would be better financially to open than a signature that may be smaller in capacity/not open for 3 meals a day.
But honestly, what do I know. I’m just the average middle class vacationer that is starting to be priced out of the magic.


This is a good distinction for me to read.

The one thing on that list that makes me lose my mind is the idea that people would get waitlist priority. But reading the article, that falls purely into the “if I had my choice, here is what that would include.”

I don’t see a world where it would legally be okay to differentiate access to the basic product. So hopefully that one will stay in the “rampent speculation” catagory where it started.

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Agreed a waitlist priority would be nuts-

But as far as the overall pay to play DVC+ program - with the changes recent changes I can see it happening & following along the lines of D23 membership basic vs gold. Sure you can join for but without paying extra for you have no shot at events….events ect access is given to gold members 1st and sell out long before the release date basic.
I think the TOWL is a preview of the upcoming program. Sure there may be lounge access but hard ticket events may start showing up. If this born to be bad sells out- how long before the Epcot lounge becomes a paid dessert party?

Just my speculations at this point

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Oh, I think this upgrade like this is completely on the horizon. As is the possibility of paid events that were once free. Of course in that case they are better off letting reslae in too, bigger market to upsale.

It was the waitlist one, which I first read as rumor, but realize was speculation, that had my jaw dropping.

Something like a concierage service for gold DVC memebers to book desert parties, WAT, etc. 90 days out through DVC would be a great way to give DVC memebers VIP treatment. It would chafe because I would have less access to these as a reale memeber, but it is all within the typical norms.

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I picture the bean counters watching all of us competing for the event slots at G-d awful hours over the last few years, and following the complaining after thinking hmm how can we turn this into a profit that they would willing pay for

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So BLT, CCV & BRV just had direct pricing increases

Anyone else thing that Reunion Station pay extra scheme is coming back in a big way…

I don’t think the Reunion Station Club Level will come back. Members wouldn’t pay that outrageous up charge when they tried in the past, and I would be shocked if they would be willing to do it now.

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Fair point- just wondering it seemed a little coincidental that it was done same day as the reopening of ToWL to direct membership only

I believe it was $25 per person, per night. At first you had to add it every night and then they tried to allow individual nights? Then they allowed guests at other resorts?

Honestly, if it was a room charge, per night for WL CL- I might consider it on a short trip but that price was never “worth it” for me and you know it would be more in 2022.