Drone Show coming to DS

Yeah…some rumors have talked about going all the way around. Who knows what will actually happen…but if it does go all the way around, there would need to be a way to get there from the HM side, perhaps cutting through Fantasyland in some way?

All conjecture at this point.

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He’s not the only one, looking online, there’s a few pointing out it’ll go at the top of the river. (Even though the concept art has the pirates tower in it?)

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I will point out that Mickey Views just recently reported that the Villains Land apparently has officially been cancelled (well, I mean… officially NOT green lit?), based on what Imagineers are telling him…so it sounds like the need to work around HM is off the table at the moment anyhow.

I have to wonder if the cost to make such a major overhaul to the existing layout of things is a factor in that decision.

Compare this to the DinoLand rework, which doesn’t really interfere with existing infrastructure at all.

So…uh…how about those drones?

One thing I heard was that it could be doing a drone show at DS is a trial to see if doing something more significant at one of the parks is feasible.


Pretty sure they could! That’s a great thought

Ooh I like this idea a LOT!

Fill in the river :woman_shrugging:t4: Problem solved.

Sir, you should blur for politics :blowfish:


OMG I can see both Juju and Athena in this pic!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Zoom in!

Which it should. Think of how completely annoying it was when you had to go allllllllllll the way around past Chinese Theater to get to TSL before the pathway opened between it and SWGE


OK, this actually looks potentially really cool. I was not planning to go to DS at all on our trip (we can shop at home) but maaaaybe we can make time for this. Anyone found the showtimes yet?


9:00 and 10:45


I’m super late to this conversation, but it is interesting (and I am excited about the drone show) so I am starting at the beginning.

Unfortunately UOR has jumped on this, and the central hub of EPIC Universe is going to have a steampunk vibe (and it looks beautiful!)

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I thought it looked cool too - and didn’t realize I didn’t want spoilers until I started reading a different article :rofl:

We are staying at OKW, so I planned time in DS. The only times we go there are when we are at a nearby resort. I am excited for this - DD doesn’t like fireworks, and I always make her go to at least one night time spectacular with me! So this is it.


Since the show’s last day is Labor Day, we have to decide if we try to go then. That would be the only day available to us to see it. I am curious to hear opinions on it to help us determine if it is worth changing up our plans.

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We plan to see it when we are at DS on the 28th and will post our thoughts on it!


We may see it tonight.


Report back.


Chat reported that Jaleo has a specific drone show seating for both shows. You can book it on Open Table and have to select the drone show “experienece” .

@remeberwhen emailed to find more information
They have a specific tasting menu for this experience, but you can also order off the regular menu. Here is the tasting menu: JLO-DS-Drone Show Experience Menu.pdf - Google Drive


This might be fun! I love a dining package that comes with a chair for a show! :grin:

I thought so too!

And its nice you can jus order off the menu too.

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In a surprising turn of events, we were able to watch the entire show from our balcony at the Riviera. It was so cool! Having seen this and a drone show at Disneyland Paris, everyone agreed that this one was better. It was fun guessing all of the different characters.

This is the only picture I got because I was trying to stay in the moment with the family but I might grab more tonight!


Wow that’s saying something! That DLP one gets very high marks!


Wow - that is a bit of extra magic!!


Reports on social media it’s visible from SSR Congress Park