Dream Solo trip-Live!-9/8-9/18 Disney & Universal

I can relax out of the sun too


You’re dying?!

Haha it’s the Halloween horror nights vip tour at universal


That’s better
Now this feels like a vacation


Dolphin pool bar makes bad pina coladas but they have the nicest and cleanest pool restroom I’ve ever seen.


You should get rid of that nasty taste by marching down to Bluezoo and ordering a good drink at the bar!


Great idea!!!

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But looks like I’m heading to Epcot because I have a date. Lol


…Do they know?:upside_down_face:

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Have fun!

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Did you ever make it back to HS? I’m hoping you end up trying ToT!!! I’m so afraid of heights, but I finally gave it a shot last October and it is maybe one of my favorite rides ever! It’s just so unexpectedly fun and not actually terrifying!

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I’m checking out of the Dolphin right now and bell services are holding my bags while I go back to HS! I managed to grab a slinky dog FP which I’m going to go to first thing when I get over there and then visit Batu again. Last I will be going over to ToT to give it another try before I leave and head to universal. I might use a couple easy FP so I can open up another tier one FP for ToT.


I’ve ridden it twice now, but I did still get nervous the second time–even though I knew I liked it! The CMs do a great job of playing on that nervous energy…lots of little quips about what a bad decision you’ve made riding it or things that make you question the safety. Have fun on the rest of your trip! I’ve enjoyed reading along.


Its pouring and windy right now. Wish I had brought my spirit jersey with me but it will probably warm back up.

Yesterday I went to Epcot and had my date with someone I met here. It was really fun. I saw illuminations. I’m excited to see what will replace it. Food and wine was a bit over hyped in my opinion. I prefer a sit down meal. I was still hungry. We rode spaceship earth and test track. I had a frozen FP right before illuminations but we didn’t make it on in time.
I also go a henna tattoo in Morocco.
My fav pavilions are Japan, Morocco, France, Norway and Mexico.


Lol no he had no idea what hit him


I rode SDD and it was fun! The launch wasn’t as fast though and I swear we almost didn’t make it over the hump lol.
I got a blue milk with rum, ate at docking bay (same tip yip kids meal), and I just snagged an Ogas reservation for half an hour from now.


We are headed there in June with my son and his family. I picked this for my grand babies first visit. I’m a little concerned about the food choices. Anxious to hear what you think.
We have always stayed at the Grand Floridian or Bay Lake Tower. I thought since my grand babies will be 3 and 7 they would enjoy this more.
Enjoy your solo trip.

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I’ve only had the kids meal tip yip fried chicken with Mac and cheese. It’s good.

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When I was checking out at the dolphin I told them I had no hot water on Wednesday and he confirmed there was a problem with the water. He went to charge me the full amount and I requested something off for the day without water. He took off the resort fee for the day, about $30. With that $30 I bought 2 more kyber crystals lol so now I also have purple and green with my red, blue and white. The only one I didn’t get is yellow.


That’s pretty cool. The date I mean. Did you just meet this person on this trip? Do we think there will be more dates?

Love the henna. That is also cool.

Edited because now my phone is being psychotic

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