Disneyland Paint the Night Aladdin Oasis Package

I decided to spare my family the trouble of having to save a spot for 3 hours to see the 8pm (earlier) showing PTN on a CL 10 night so we booked the Aladdin’s Oasis package. Here’s what we thought:

We liked the food. It was better than we expected & portions were generous. Each meal came wtih an entree, salad, roll & dessert for adults & then an entree, fruit, roll & dessert for kids. Everyone’s came with a bottled/packaged drink of your choice (soda or water for adults, apple juice, milk or water for kids). Husband & I both had the lasagna & our only complaint was it was a little burnt on the bottom but everything else was tasty and filling.

We looved eating inside the Oasis. It was a great break & quiet spot. There are not very many tables so one might not be available when you go to check-in & pick up your food. They invite you to hang around and wait for a table to open up while you we wait for our food, but will pack it up very much to go if there are no tables available. We were able to snag a table from someone leaving within a few moments of checking in and even though our food was all bundled up in a bag with wrapped silverware we stayed to eat. If they have a table available, the food will still be in the to-go containers but they will bring out silverware & napkins loose & the to-go containters will be brought out on trays instead of as we got ours delivered.

As for the spot for PTN, it was ok. We ended up coming about 30 minutes before as directed but the reserved area was already filling in and all front row spots along the parade route were taken so were on a raised platform area facing IASW. We decided we like our usual spot by the Alice bathrooms better for more interaction with the characters.

The elevated platform was great for FWs but anyone can go up there after paint the night is over. We noticed because it was nice and empty where we were for PTN but filled up once others filled in for FWs viewing after.

So my take: It’s great if you need to get a quick meal at lunch and don’t want to camp out for the first viewing & are ok with not a front row seat, but otherwise, find a spot for free! Our usual favorite spot that is front row with great CM interaction was still available 50 minutes before and the cost of the package wasn’t worth the 20 minutes saved.


You so awesome Lorraine!! You sure know and remember all the details!!! :kissing_heart:

YOU are so awesome Debbie! I copied & pasted most of it from my thread on chat about that whole trip. Figured it would be easier this way than bumping up a thread about the whole 3 days!!! :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for this review. The parade is the #1 thing I want my daughter to see when we go to DL for the first time, so I am trying to decide on a dining package. Aladdin’s Oasis works best for us because she’s a squirmy toddler, but I wanted to make sure we had a great spot, and it sounds like you didn’t get the spot you hoped for. Do you happen to know how early the front row people showed up, that were inside the reserved area?

My guess is one hour early. But depending on your CL you can find prime spots without paying a dining package cost with that same amount of time invested.

What does CL mean?

Crowd Level from 1-10 1 being dead slow and 10 being crazy crammed busy.

We’re going in mid-Sept, TP says 6 out of 10

Mid-September is a nice time to enjoy the start of Halloween! For now PTN parade is running every night but after the official end of the Diamond Celebration in September (I think early-mid) they will only run it on weekends. In that case, viewing might be even more competitive and difficult to scope out since there will only be 3 maybe 4 nights of the parade instead of all 7 nights.

If it is only running on weekends when you go I would consider the package to at least save you the hassle of worrying about having to camp out or miss it. If it’s still running nightly and the CL is still a 6 then you might be ok without it.

Sorry, I was looking at a May trip I had in there. For Sep, it says 2 out of 10 on the day I wanted to watch the parade. So, has there been official word that the parade will go only to weekends? Everything I’ve been reading is that people predict that it will continue every day since it’s so popular. We have Mon, Tues, Wed in the parks. Sep 12-14

Sorry I should have clarified that it is my speculation that the parade & FWs will go back to weekends only once the Diamond Celebration officially ends, but it’s possible they keep it running nightly. I could also see them cutting back just to weekends (maybe including Fri & Mon) to go along with all the cost cutting they are doing right now across the Disney Parks board.

Keep checking for your dates & I’ll be hoping that it at least runs on Monday for you!

Sounds really great! Thanks for the review. Does anyone know how to add this package/meal to my touring plan? I don’t see it on the list of restaurants or attractions…

I added a meal and selected “Tropical Imports” as the since that was the closest location-wise to the Oasis and I wanted the Optimizer to help me optimize seeing the 1:45 Royal Theater show & the .

You can also choose any of the counter service locations nearby and have them wrap your meal to go to easily carry it over. In that area, there are tables outside of the River Belle Terrace closer to Golden Horseshoe as well as at Rancho del Zocalo and a very limited amount of seating at Bengal BBQ for you to take it and enjoy. Jolly Holiday & Plaza would also be fairly close.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that.