Help planning trip Memorial Day weekend, leaving park for meals?

We are visiting memorial day weekend. Would it be a pain to leave for dinner in downtown Disney? Could we make it back in time for WOC? Will the park reaching capacity that weekend be an issue? We’ll be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We haven’t been since 2012 so any tips would be appreciated. I’m guessing it will be pretty packed that weekend. Anyone hear anything about a 24 hour event that weekend? I’m hoping not. It’s our 3 year old’s first time, so I’m trying to make it perfect, ha.

Opinions on whether ptn or WOC meals are worth it would be good too.

So many great questions!!! I’ll try to answer what I know.

Downtown Disney is super close to the parks. Only would require a 15 min walk or so. The biggest pain is that coming back into the parks after Downtown Disney you would have to go through security again.

As for making it back in time for WOC, you’ll want to consider what type of spot you would like. If you want to be at a railing or close to the front then you would need to be back at the pier area with your FP at least an hour before the show starts. We like to be at a railing towards the back so we can exit easily so we usually show up 45-50 min after the initial crush has been let in and run towards the front. If you are ok with whatever spot you get then you could easily make it back as late as 15 min before the show, but personally and especially with kids, watching and really enjoying WOC is difficult if you’re not at a railing with a clear view.

Capacity would only be an issue on the DL side if a 24 hour day is done. I haven’t ever heard of DCA side closures due to capacity. Memorial day weekend alone usually doesn’t bring a large enough crowd for closures. Last year there were some but only because of the 24 hr day/debut of 60th in additional to Memorial Day. Luckily for you, I believe the 24 hr day is on hiatus this year due to budget cutbacks as a result of Shanghai’s delayed opening.

That being said, it will definitely be packed being a holiday weekend so come prepared with plans and break times either in the form of midday breaks at the hotel or ADRs.

We have only ever done WOC dining meal once with Carthay Circle and we weren’t a huge fan of it. The FP is just much more economical and you don’t save any time on finding a spot with the dining package so you still have to show up an hour earlier. If you are wanting to dine at the location offering the package anyway, then it’s a great idea to combine them, but if you’re going for the spot, then just get the FP for free for WOC and get there an hour early and you will do great.

For PTN since there is no FP that’s a bit different. It could potentially be a great way to get a seat for the parade during high crowds, but there have been mixed reviews on how CMs have managed seating and crowds for the Blue Bayou package with viewing on Main Street.

From my own experience of of the Aladdin’s Oasis package we weren’t impressed to try it again. My full review of it is here.

And lastly, I hope your 3 yr old loooves all of it and has the most magical time of all.

Thank you for your advice! We are really excited. :slight_smile: I think we will just get WOC fastpass and try Aladdin’s, it’s sooooo much cheaper than BB. I’m still not sure about leaving the park…we have a toddler but I don’t think he’ll actually nap and then we’ll have to deal with getting back IN. I’m driving myself nuts trying to plan this, lol.

Have you stayed at Candy Cane Inn or the new Spring Hill Anaheim Resort? Those are the two hotels I’m trying to decide between. My husband likes Candy Cane since it has a free shuttle, which is nice, but the rooms aren’t quite as nice. I don’t know!

I think your plan for WOC FP and Aladdin’s oasis is excellent! It will be nice to have an area reserved for the parade on such a busy night.

We haven’t stayed at either hotel but the Candy Cane Inn has a great following. Lots of people enjoy the location, free breakfast and price. As for the Spring Hill it doesn’t have it’s own shuttle but it is just across the street from the Toy Story lot where Disney runs free shuttles all day to the pedestrian entrance. It’s an easy walk across the street and no one checks for park tickets or that you’re parked in the Toy Story lot. The Spring Hill is also right over a CVS which is super convenient. We usually stay at the Sheraton a couple of doors down from that CVS and we love having the convenience store on the way back to the hotel to pick up snacks, drinks and anything else we might need for the room.