Is the Aladdin PTN Meal Package worth it?

We will be going to DL on Sunday 11/27. We were not able to book Blue Bayou and only Aladdin grab-n-go. Is it worth it? I have reservations for both the earlier and later parade and I have heard that the IASW viewing area is not as good as the BB viewing area. Would love any feedback on what is bound to be a packed crowd that day.

We did this the package a trip we took in late Feb. My overall sense: I felt a little ripped off that the spot wasn’t as great as I would have gotten by simply waiting it out 60-50 minutes before the parade, but the reason I booked the package was to have an option to show up closer to parade time than 2-3 hrs which is the kind of camping out that the early PTN required shortly after debuting (not sure if will still need that much time since it hasn’t yet returned to DLR). If you’re looking for a similar solution, then the package is a fine deal to guarantee you a spot. But if you’re willing to camp out an hour (or possibly more) before, then save your money. For the full details of our experience, I’ve included a link to my initial review right after we returned from that trip: