Disneygirlmama Does Disney Take 2

Who: me(40), DH46, DD10, DD8, DD6
When: October 4-18
Where: Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek
2nd family trip. For the first trip report go here.
5 day park tickets
Lots of swimming time

Why WDW is worth it for us, even with a pandemic and reduced experience:

We are Americans who live in Russia. When countries started to close their borders in March we decided to leave due to DD6’s mild asthma and our soon-to-expire visas. We did not want to come to America. We made the decision to leave, packed two bags, and left in 36 hours, afraid we wouldn’t be able to leave if we waited. We went to Istanbul, hoping to get our new visas there. Instead, the Russian consulate closed the day after we arrived and we sat through 7 weeks of strict lockdown: our children were not allowed to leave the apartment.

By early May we were done. We waited through a few Russian holidays and when no announcements were made regarding borders opening then we investigated coming to the States. We found a place to stay and my dad and stepmom are letting us borrow one of their cars. We are still waiting on the borders to open so we can go home.

We were invited to speak at a conference outside of Orlando. We had a timeshare week expiring by the end of November, and there was a week available at WBC the same week of the conference. Since we’d be driving 9-10 hours anyways, why not do something fun? We booked the timeshare and waited to see how things would play out (would borders open?) When it became clear we’d actually be here for the trip DH decided we should stay a second week so we could actually relax and use the resort amenities and not just run from park to park. So we booked the second week, bought tickets, and set our stimulus check amount as the budget. We have very much needed this to look forward to, since for 6 months we have been waiting to be told we are allowed to go home.

Day 1: Travel Day

5:30 am wake up call, packed lunches, finished up the packing, and were in the van and on the road at 8:23, only 23 minutes late. We should arrive in Orlando around 6 pm if all goes well. We’ve got 5 movies from Disney+ downloaded on the iPads, so this trip should be much more bearable for the girls than our last one.

FWIW, this is a budget trip for us since it was unplanned. We have a few fun things planned but are planning on maximizing the fun without breaking the bank. I’ll share numbers at the end of the trip if anyone is interested.

Here’s to a safe trip and finishing The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes while DH drives all day.


I’m here for it! Hooray for trip reports!

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Yesssss! I’ve been looking forward to this.

Woo hoo.
Have all the fun. :heart:

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Hooray! Can’t wait to follow along and looking forward to maybe seeing you next week! Also,

This book was so good.


I’ve got it from Libby for another week so I’ve been cramming in the Hunger Games books trying to finish them (I’ve read them before but it’s been awhile). I’m enjoying this one so far!

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We’re in Florida!


Welcome to the sunshine state !


Hugs. So excited for you all!
What is your dinner plan?


We’re in the drive through for Zaxby’s right now. Then we’re about 30-40 minutes from our place! Trying to decide if I run to Walmart tonight or tomorrow morning.



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Have fun! I’ll be following along.


Get it over with today!


Yay for you for being there safe – You know we all are happy for you and loving watching along!


Let’s see if I can get a few photos to upload the correct way.

Hmm. They look a little squished. Can’t figure out why the one is sideways. Sorry.

Got to the resort, unpacked, and getting everyone in bed. We arrived a little later than anticipated, partly due to actually stopping for dinner and partly due to it just taking longer than the GPS said. It was a full 10.5 hours including two 15-minute stops and one 30-minute stop. Rained a little from southern Georgia to about an hour out. All in all a better trip than last time, and it looks like we don’t have to replace the radiator on a vehicle this time. :smile:

Tomorrow…I have a call from 7-9:30 and need to run to Walmart for milk and bananas and such. We brought most of our food but need refrigerated and frozen stuff. We’ll do some swimming and relax, maybe head to DS. It’s so weird to be so close to everything. I know we’re not technically on property but man, it sure is close.

Off to bed. Sitting in the car is exhausting, lol.


The pictures bring back memories, we’ve stayed there a couple of times, but looks like they’ve done some updating! Glad your road trip went well and hope you have a fantastic time!!


Why is this so accurate?!

Can’t wait to follow along!!


Right??? It is same for a day sitting in front of a computer. I did nothing yet I am exhausted!


Wow, it looks lovely!


Every time (well, I guess this makes time number two) that we come here I’m all depressed about not being on Disney property and then we get here and it evaporates. We could never afford a place with this much space in the bubble. 2 weeks here and we only paid our timeshare deposit fees, which was $460 for both weeks. Technically maybe you could say the taxes are part of the cost, but we pay those no matter where we stay or if we don’t use the week at all. If you count them then it’s still only $2200 for 14 nights. It’s beautiful and we have space to breathe and spread out.


It’s wonderful!
I love having space.