Disney Visa and Other Credit Referrals

Just noticed that my latest Marriott Boundless card referral is the new FIVE 50K Free Night Certificates, so adding to the Google Sheet. Check your links to people - that’s a good one, whether doing a P1 to P2 (spouse etc) referral or having someone else here use it. :slight_smile:

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Heads up to any who might be thinking of getting one or is reaching their 24 month window since earning the last sign up bonus (SUB).

Increased bonus offer for both Disney Visa cards!

Playing the 2 Player game with referrals, that’s $1,000 in Disney Rewards and statement credits.
Nice if you have a trip in your future and not playing the bigger points game.

For anyone who has their referral links in the spreadsheet, might be worth checking if yours needs to be updated there to see this new bonus. (I received my latest link via email, but you can use the Chase Catch-All site to generate a new one too.)


We used this bonus last month to get DH his first Disney card…begrudgingly :rofl:

Good reminder on the links. I realized mine weren’t working earlier this week.


Thank you! I’ve been considering the Disney Visa for the last couple years. Seems like a good time to jump in. I used your referral link fyi.


Well thank you very much! I will raise multiple Dole Whips in your honor. :icecream:


Bumping this thread to report that Chase Sapphire cards now have an elevated 75K sign up bonus (SUB) AND the personal referral links can now be refreshed to have it as well.

So, if you have a P2 (spouse, friend, family) who wants to start playing the larger points game, the Sapphire Preferred card at $95 annual fee is the de facto / no brainer entry point into the Chase ecosystem. (Plus, the Sapphire Preferred gives you an annual $50 travel credit when booking a hotel through their portal, so the net annual cost is $50 even if you ignore the value of other benefits of the card.)

If you need to refresh your own or P2’s referral link for the Sapphire, use the Chase Catch-all form.

Check out links in the shared Google sheet here.

If you have a Sapphire and would like another bonus, it might be possible!
Check out my Advanced Tactic section in this post in my Credit Rewards General Thread.

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For anyone who follows this thread that has links in the spreadsheet - Quite a few links there are expired now.

If you haven’t updated them in the last 90 days or less and/or the bank has flipped the offer one or more times since you posted the link, chances are you need to refresh the referral to get a new link and then update in the sheet.

I see a few old Capital One or other referrals out there from 2023 that are still active - but Amex and Chase offers do time out a few times a year. Even some of the more recently added Disney Visa links are expired now since the offer for that card reverted back to the lower bonuses.

New Method in Sheet to Highlight Expired Links

I started to mark the referral link cells as “expired” as a few were set already - but then I thought that might make it un-obvious which link was there before. So, rather than change the links, I added a column at left with a checkbox and set up some formatting so that checking the box grays out the row.

That way, if someone comes back to update their links, they can just re-use the same row and un-check the box. :slight_smile:

To make it easier for people to find the active links, I’ve sorted the sheet so that the expired ones are at the bottom. I also checked every referral and set the checkbox on the expired or ones that say “Not Available” when clicked.

BTW: Some links show a “Not Available” pop up when the page loads. If you close the popup, the application page might still be there.

BUT - I read that pop up as “The REFERRAL you clicked is DEAD, but you can apply without using a referral link.” If it were me, I’d find someone else’s active referral and try to use that so at least someone else benefits from the application.

However, at least one of the Southwest card links says unavailable, then ALSO says “you have been referred” - so that scenario is unclear. I SUSPECT but have no data to back it up, that the referral is actually dead in that instance as well. I would personally refresh my link and update the sheet in that case if it were my referral.

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I think mine was still active but I went ahead and updated anyway.

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