Credit Card Rewards & Points General Thread

Anyone who has been waiting for a sign to get started with Chase Ultimate Rewards points - it may be here!

They’ve just elevated the sign up bonus (SUB) on both their Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards to 75K Chase UR after hitting $4K spend in 3 months.


For reference, here’s a chart of the previous SUBs over time:

The usual points blog sites seem to have their links upgraded to the new 75K offer, but when I checked my personal ones, they were still at 60K.

So, if you have a card and want to refer your P2 (spouse, friend, etc) - maybe wait a week or two and check again to see if your referral increased too. (Sometimes they do, sometimes they ain’t. You might need to use the Chase Referral Catch-All generator to update your links.)

If you don’t want to wait, you should be able to find an elevated bonus link pretty easily.

Also, don’t forget to check the TP forum referral spreadsheet - links to it in this thread.

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Came here to say this, and you beat me to it as per usual. Thanks for keeping this thread neat and tidy, @JJT !


I did this for my spring break Disney trip. I had a lot of rewards on my Disney card since my last trip. I was able to pay myself back for any direct Disney expenses. My rewards covered part of my room, almost all of my food and souvenirs. And you have 3 months after the chrge posts to pay it with rewards, so i am accumulating rewards for the next couple of months to pay off my couple remaining expenditures. Worked great!!

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I think this is the thread that would appreciate this.
Yesterday evening I decided to play consolidate all my little SW travel funds lines for DH and myself to 1 lump and transferable fund. I must have booked and rebooked 20 flights to get it done. And it cost me a couple of dollars (that converted to travel funds). But the end result was worth it. Lol.


It worked! Very easy.


Updating to report that personal Chase Sapphire card referral links can now be updated to include the 75K elevated SUB.

If you need to refresh your own or P2’s referral link for the Sapphire, use the Chase Catch-all form.

Advanced Tactic

If you already have either Sapphire, you can get the bonus again IF it has been 48 months since you last earned the bonus. That is important: they do NOT start the clock on the the date you opened/applied for the card. (Most other Chase personal cards have a 24 month window before you can get the bonus again. Business Ink cards may have 24 month terms for their cards, but they do not seem to enforce the time frame on those.)

You can close your Sapphire, wait a few days and apply for a new one - BUT, there’s a better tactic: ask Chase to product change your Sapphire to a Chase Freedom with Ultimate Rewards card. The name of that card matters: there are a few flavors of Freedom cards and this particular one is an old card that cannot be applied for anymore. BUT, you can still get the card with a product change (PC).

By PCing to this card, it:

  • Retains your card history from the Sapphire account, which will be helpful in keeping your average card age up in your credit reports.
  • Retains the open credit line - remember, more available credit helps keep your overall % usage low.*
  • By choosing this particular otherwise un-gettable card, you keep the possibility of getting the sign up bonus on the other Freedom cards open in the future if you choose to get one. (Usually there are better bonuses to go for to use one of your Chase 5/24 slots, but keeping your options open is always a good thing.)

*Of course, if you are doing things right, you do not carry a balance from month to month. So you’re probably always near 0% usage in general, so a larger amount of available credit may not have much effect. But still, good practice.


How long do I need to wait after cancelling my free Disney Visa to switch to the Premier Disney Visa in order to earn the bonus? It’s back down to $300 bonus vs the $450 or whatever it was before so I’m a little sad about that. But I’ve calculated how much more I’d earn and it would be worth the switch.


It depends on when you opened your free Disney. You have to wait until 24 months after you got the SUB to be eligible for the premier SUB.

Also, you don’t have to cancel your free. You could keep both open if you wanted.

It’s been 5+ years that I’ve had the free Disney card.

So I could still get the SUB on the Premiere one even if I still have the free one?? I wish I’d known that when the higher SUB was offered. I was waiting until my closing date to pay my balance and close the card.

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I’m pretty positive you can but someone else should weigh in.

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I think your right. The only time you have to close and wait is if your trying to get the SUB for the same card.

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I agree - people have reported you can get SUB for both and hold both at same time, but I personally haven’t tried it and have only seen a few data points.

I don’t think there is any harm in going for it - if Chase doesn’t think you are eligible for the bonus on the other card, they won’t approve the applications, so no harm no foul.

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“Yesterday evening I decided to play consolidate all my little SW travel funds lines for DH and myself to 1 lump and transferable fund. I must have booked and rebooked 20 flights to get it done.”

Okay, I’m intrigued but a little confused. How/what did you do???

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday SW offers the low fare sales.
I found that Houston and Austin where the cheap options out of MSY. You can only use 3 travel funds per flight. You can use 2 travel funds and 1 credit card if needed. But if it’s not a Wanna Getaway Plus fare, the balance you pay on the credit card will get wrapped into the travel fund when you cancel. If you can use 3 travel funds almost fully, I did that. Took a little math and finding the best options. A couple times I had to let a very small amount grt wrapped back into the travel fund. I just made sure my last one was a WG!+ that way when I cancelled it would be transferrable. It that’s not important you can book a regular WGA fare.
Normally the taxes and fees I have to pay is minimal. But before I was booking points I would have like $4, $6, $8 credits from when the fare dropped. When I booked flights for Cancun (for 2) the cost after points was much higher ($125 total iirc) and I had about $90 left in travel funds but I had them over like 8 credits.

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I would make sure you do that the day of check in, or call beforehand. Last time I went and stayed on a cash room, they would not take my rewards card to refund the room and use that for payment ( I cannot remember when exactly I talked to the front desk about using my rewards card to pay for the room). I was given some 1-800 number by the manager to call and sort it out. Needless to say we just used the rewards card to pay for food instead.

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Is anyone familiar with changing the SW companion pass? I set it to DH and have several flights booked. You can switch 3 times. I’m thinking the first selection on DH is #1. Then if I changed it to someone else that would be #2. Then if I changed it down the line (either back to DH or someone else) that would be #3. Does that sound right? And what happens to future tickets for the #1 companion after I switch to #2? Do those flights still stay under the #1 person?

You have the structure right, setting your companion at start doesn’t count in the 3 change/yr count.

You can’t change your companion, though, with a flight booked and a cp attached. Tactic would be to book yourself on that 2nd flight and add the cp to that flight after first trip is taken and you’ve changed the companion.

In the case of trips close together, If you think the 2nd flight will sell out before you have a chance to change and add your cp, you might want to book a seat on that flight(hopefully with points) for the later companion to hold it. Then if you do find the flight is booked you could try to quickly cancel the seat and add the cp - although there is a risk in someone grabbing the seat before you add the cp.

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All good to know, thanks. I might just book a flight for DS with points then for Memorial Day weekend. I do have my flights through September booked with points for me but I added DHs companion pass for a June trip and I am worried that will sell out before I can readd him after Memorial Day. But I’ll have to look at all the options.
Thank you!

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Anyone who has credit card referral links in the forum Google sheets might want to take a look at their links and make sure they are active.

Chase and Amex change the links as offer change, so even some of the fairly recently added Disney Visa referrals in the sheet are no longer active since that card reverted to the lower bonus again.

Some links go to a page that has a “Offer Not Available” popup - which USUALLY means the referral link is dead, but they’ll still let you apply without anyone getting a referral bonus.

There are some instances however (SW card referrals?) where it pops “Offer Not Available” but the page still references the referral. I SUSPECT but have no data to back it up, that the referral is actually dead in that instance as well.

@drvillarejos Your SW link is one of those weird “not available” but still mentions the referral, so you might want to refresh your SW referral link and update the sheet.

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Oh, lol, I just did before I saw the tag. Thanks for looking out!

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