Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to Remain Closed Until Summer 2021

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The Disney statement

As we continue to reopen additional Disney Resort hotels to Guests, we are modifying the reopening date for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort which will reopen next summer. This schedule adjustment also allows us to complete some refurbishment work at the Resort hotel, including enhancements to the Great Ceremonial House and Guest rooms. We expect work to begin in early October and look forward to sharing more about these changes in the future. The Villas and Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort will remain open during this refurbishment.


Wow. That’s about 850 deluxe (and popular!) rooms Disney is taking offline. Says a lot about their projections for when demand will come back.


I have an Ambassador Suite reserved for my birthday at the end of April. I guess I need to rethink that plan now :cry:


I’m sure that @sanstitre_has_left_the_building is shedding a big tear about this… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I am, actually. It’s genuinely sad.

I was hoping they would shut the place down permanently. Maybe blow it up Vegas-style and build an actually good hotel.


Monorail service to the Poly will be suspended at the same time.

Really? What about those staying at Poly via DVC during this time? Or who want to hit up Kona Cafe, which is, at least at the moment, still open? We had planned to get breakfast at Kona on our last day in December. :confused:

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Looks like you are walking from the TTC


From Disney World website

  • Monorail transportation is available between the Great Ceremonial House and Magic Kingdom park until early October 2020—see details below; the walkway to the Transportation and Ticket Center will remain open, where Guests may access the monorail and ferry boats to Magic Kingdom park

Resort Refurbishment
Due to upcoming refurbishment work at the Great Ceremonial House, monorail service to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort will be temporarily suspended beginning in early October 2020.

Okay. So we’ll have to take the monorail over to TTC, and then walk to Poly, I guess!

Why is Disney shutting down one of it’s top resorts for an entire year?

Want to take a guess?

What is the number one goal of top Disney management for new things in the parks?

The reason for this

Introducing IP into the Polynesian Resort, a Moana Theme is coming in 2021.


The agent I just spoke to said the proposed date for reopening is 7/19. Of course she also said annual passes are available for purchase and DVC starts booking at 6 months out, so…

I like it! Moana is my favorite, and Polynesian needs some more magic.


In some ways, this makes sense. It’s currently closed and empty, so it will be much easier for construction crews to do their work without having to inconvenience guests.

FWIW, the Poly has never been a favorite of mine; I have never felt the desire to stay there. I always joked about the original decor as looking like a 1960s “Polynesian” restaurant with its fake bamboo and tiki masks, but the waterfall that greeted you as you entered was beautiful and kind of said “you’re not in FL anymore” - and the rest of the lobby, although a bit cheesy, felt like a themed “land”. In it’s current iteration it has all the charm of an airport concourse (and less than some I’ve been in). I know that there are loyal fans who absolutely love the Poly, but it’s pretty close to the bottom of my list of resorts that I would choose. Perhaps if I had nostalgic memories of going there as a kid with my parents it would mean more to me.


This is the email I just received:

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Walt Disney World Logo
Cinderella's Castle
We hope you’re looking forward to your upcoming vacation as much as we’re looking forward to having you here. Unfortunately, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is no longer planned to be open on the dates of your visit. We understand the inconvenience this may cause––especially if your plans had already been changed before.

Please accept our sincerest apologies and know how much we appreciate you choosing to stay with us. We’re happy to reaccommodate you at one of the Disney Resort hotels that will be open during your stay. We’ll reach out within four weeks of your arrival date to discuss the Resort and room type options available to you and to assist with modifying your Disney Resort hotel. Of course, this will happen at no additional charge and no action on your part is required at this time. In addition, this modification will have no impact on other vacation experiences you may have booked, such as Theme Park reservations or dining.

Thanks for your patience as we all learn to navigate these times together.

To view the latest list of Disney Resort hotels currently open and all experience updates, click here.

Off topic … but is that photo of the castle doctored to look more like the artist’s rendering? :thinking:


It does look that is the case.

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Ugh that’s terrible about no monorail service for villa guests! I wonder if they are going to update the whole monorail platform. I remember it being a pain to go up and down with a stroller and two tiny elevators at the back of the GCH.

Can you walk from the Poly to the GF? I forget. But if you can, then I guess Poly guests will be able to walk straight to MK soon enough.

Yes, you can. In fact, once the walkway opens, you can technically walk from the Contemporary all the way around past GF and Poly to the TTC! It would be a long trip, though. :slight_smile:

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Look like a pre-refurb picture.

I have a reservation for a studio villa for the end of April. First stay at the Poly. What would you do? Try to move or wait it out to see how much disruption the construction is?