Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to Remain Closed Until Summer 2021

I wholeheartedly agree! This is super exciting to me. I think it will be fine because it’s very seamless. It truly fits right in. It’s nothing like some of the other shoehorned IP they’ve done.

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The suddenness of this announcement of a major spending project is in stark contrast to the previous announcements of cut backs in capital improvement and expansion projects.

WDW management must feel that they will get a good ROI to inspire this decision. Poly is one of the highest price and highest demand rooms on property. How much higher can they go? Looks like they’re anticipating lower overall demand in the future but greater demand for the high end product.

That’s a good point, but I think in this case they are focusing on maintaining the existing premium for the long term. They have time right now with the resorts at low capacity, so if they’re going to put some TLC into this old resort, now is the best time. With the Moana theming and a fresh new feel, it could keep demanding existing level of pricing for another 10-15 years.

So this is unrelated to the OP, but I had a leading reservation at ASMusic for this October that I only just canceled. I was shocked that Disney never outright told me that the resort wasn’t open! I never got an email like this. I got a couple emails telling me to “read this” before returning to the magic but it took 3 pretty savvy clicks to even get to where it said which hotels were open, plus I was expected to realize that mine wasn’t on the list. If I was a novice planner I don’t think I would know that it was going to be closed. I’m surprised at the different approach here!

WDW completed a major renovation of the resort in 2015 when they introduced the DVC villas. Not that long ago.

When was the last time regular resort rooms at Poly were renovated?

I wonder what does this say about the future long term plans of WDW management? They postponed and cancelled several major projects that have been previously announced. Where will they spend a limited capital budget? Are there any other new, unannounced projects on the horizon?

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I do not like it.

I love Moana.

But I love the Poly as it is.


I will give them credit.

Moana at the Poly is a 100% appropriate use of IP and a perfect fit for this location.


Not everything needs to be IP


I agree, but as long as Bob Chapek disagrees with us, at least make the use of IP be an appropriate fit, unlike putting Beauty and the Beast into the Grand Floridian.


Bob Chapek; “What can I say, except…”


This would make sense when you think about the disconnect between high unemployment, yet record high stock market value. Unfortunately, the divide continues to grow between the haves and the have nots.

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The email went to my spam folder, so maybe you did get one?

Based on my stay in 2018? About thirty years ago.


I love the idea of it. Not that I’ve ever stayed anywhere on property, but using what you have makes good sense. They sat on SW forEVer…

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Hmm, it’s not in there now, but maybe I did get one that got auto-deleted earlier in the summer. Most other Disney Destinations emails go to my inbox though!

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Mine too. I saw this one because my new phone doesn’t separate emails out, everything goes to my inbox.

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Did you leave the Blackberry!?

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Full disclosure: I haven’t stayed at Poly, but I agree this is a great fit for an IP. Of course IP is not needed everywhere, but there was already IP shoved into Ohana, and Moana is accurately French Polynesian vs the Hawaiian Lilo and Stitch.

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I have never stayed at the Poly, been there several times for a meal or the Spirit of Aloha show.

To me, it’s a resort built in the early 70’s that cannot totally escape from the time period. Too dark and dated.

Maybe given a year of uninterrupted work they can make some improvements that don’t take away the existing charm that many love.

Still a BlackBerry, just a new fancy one with Android technology. I can finally get MDE on my phone!

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