Disney Ringtones?

My bookmarked site for the disney ringtones is “not available”. I just switched to a new cell and I would love my “old” ringtones back. Is there a new/different address? TIA.

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New site. http://linerringtones.dyndns.org/liners/ringtones.php

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Awesome!!! Thank you so much.

You’re very welcome. =)

Thanks for posting. I had to replace my phone and I lost my HM ringtone when it died.

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now I get the “not available” on this one too. :frowning:

Same…not available

Stinks… I asked about this when I switched phones too… I bought (ugh) tiki room ringtone from App Store :slight_smile:

Peoples of Linerdom: When I found that ringtone link above last month I downloaded all of the .mp3 versions (because I’m an IT dude and know things disappear, especially on a dyndns link).

I don’t have the .m4r versions, but there are converters all over the Internetz if you happen to need that format.

After seeing this thread, I uploaded them to my Box.com account.

You can view and download them here - hope the original poster of the files doesn’t mind:

Please stand clear of the doors!


Thanks a bunch for doing this! This Liner appreciates it!

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Quick update: I found someone posted a nice set of ringtones on another board - hope it is not gauche to link to here.

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This is appreciated very much. Thanks!
They downloaded perfectly from the box.app.

I downloaded and then tries to put into tones in Itunes but it put them under music. Is there a way to have them be under tones? Thanks.

I have been trying to get these Disney mp3 files as ringtones on my iPhone for years! I finally found a link with a video that walked me through it! Cinderella’s Castle melody is my new ringtone as of today! Yea! Thank you for sharing the link with the files JJT!
Here’s the link with instructions: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/audio/3274143/make-song-your-iphone-ringtone/
Good luck!


If anyone is interested, I’ve added about 45 more ringtones to the shared folder out there. May be some overlap in sounds, but some have better quality than others…

If you’ve already downloaded the previous group of files I put out there, I believe the folder should be sorted from newest to oldest files. If not, you can change the sort order using the drop-down icon at the top of the page that has an eyeball looking thing on it… Enjoy!



An Update update: Noticed people looking for iPhone versions in a Liner chat thread, so I converted all of the mp3 files to .m4r files. You can find them in a subfolder of the original link called “iPhone m4r Versions”, or directly to the m4r versions (only) using this link:


(I added 38 new files too… don’t think there are any duplicates of older ones.)


Thanks again JJT! Love the new ones!

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I have the Space Mountain beginning that starts with Attention Space Travelers as my alarm ring tone. It is awesome and scares me awake. Problem is I have no idea where I found it and I have to reset my phone. Would hate to lose it. Any suggestions where I can find it?

Hmm, I haven’t come across that Space Mountain sound and tried a quick use of my Google Fu without luck.

But, anything you have on your phone right now you should be able to copy off - if an Android device, plug it into a computer via USB and it will look like a hard drive, then you can look around for it. (Various Android versions have different default locations.)

For iPhones, lots of help online to get data off the phone.

All righty, I couldn’t let my search go without trying a bit harder - I was able to find the sound embedded in a video!

Unfortunately it is not the greatest quality audio, but I stripped it from the video and created both mp3 and m4r (iPhone) versions and stuck them in my Box.com folder with the other tones.

Here are direct links to each file on Box so you don’t have to sort through. Hope they work for you!

Attention Space Travelers: