Disney Ringtones?

Note: Now that it is 4 months later, I’m removing the duplicate sounds and the 28AUG2015 and 16SEP2015 folders - all of the sounds can still be found in the top directory: https://app.box.com/s/m2md0dpuf5tyqcww7m80

Another update! Cleaning up my hard drive I found about 50 Disney sound files I had downloaded back in the 90s.

I just added them to my Liner Ringtones folder on Box.com. Some really funny ones!

I’ve placed just this latest batch in it’s own folder called 28AUG2015 so people who have downloaded previously don’t have to go through and find new ones:

iPhone folks, note there’s a subfolder called iPhone M4R Versions that contains the ones you’d want for ringtones.
I also placed all of them in the original Liner Ringtones folders so anyone can just download those folders to get them all at once.


…At special request from @brerbeer via chat I just found and added to the folders both short and long versions of the Main Street Electrical Parade intro…



UPDATE: After cleaning up some duplicate folders, the original link in this message that pointed to a file of newer sounds is gone, so I have removed it…
This main link will remain working to get to the home folder where all the sounds are located:

I found a few more interesting ringtones today at lunch… some are duplicates, but better sounding or different edits. My favorite new ones here are ToT and Tea Party! MP3 Versions at this link:


iPhone users: At that mp3 folder link you’ll see a subfolder called iPhone m4r Versions with ones for you!

These are all in a “New uploads 16SEP2015” folder to make it easier for peeps who already downloaded other ringtones already out there. But, I have placed these all in the top level original folders as well so people can download them all at once.

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So awesome and so not awesome that I don’t know how to do this! Ahhhhhh!

Hello! Captanneamerica!!! Glad to see your post! Hope all is great with you friend!!

@JJT Thank you so much for your work doing this!! Your awesome!!

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Thanks for this. I know this is a wicked old post but I was wanting to do this this weekend and your link here helped me. I have used Audiko in the past but it doesn’t really work that well or very easily. This is of course a multi-step process, but it’s spelled out so nicely it makes things easy as pie.

All set up for Christmas tones now :slight_smile:

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@jtt your link doesn’t seem to be working today.

Thanks - I cleaned up some duplicate folders the other day so some of the links that pointed to folders with newer files are gone.

I’ve updated the last few messages so they just have the main link, which is here:


Yay I got it to work on the new I phone. Thank you! Was so much easier on my old Samsung.
Now I just need to get custom tones on whatsapp too but doesn’t look like I phone will do that.

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Sorry if this thread is too old but the link still works and the ringtone resource is awesome! Thanks!

I would love to put some of these on my Android phone but don’t know how. Can anyone help a techno-challenged fellow Disney fan?

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Different android phones have different places to put ringtones. In particular the location changed on Samsung S4 to the later phones.
Some phones don’t care where they are, others do.

What phone do you have?

Just posting another How-to for iPhones using iTunes.

This one shows you how to turn any song into a ringtone, along with how to snip it down to 30 seconds (which is the maximum for an iPhone ringtone) and then copy it to the iPhone.

If just using one of the ones on the Box.com link, you can download the sound file(s) you want and start with step 6 at this link:


The .m4r files in the iPhone version folders on Box.com should all be 30 seconds or less, as I snipped them down when I learned of that limitation.
The .mp3 versions have not been snipped, so may be longer.


Thank you!

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I have used that before and love it. I now have Dream On as a ringtone and - shortened up even more - as a text tone. It’s awesome :slight_smile:

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This is awesome. Thanks!

Thank you! This is awesome! :heart_decoration:

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Wow, just checked my Box account and this month people downloaded 5.3 GB of ringtones!
Pretty cool.


Been a long time since I’ve added any ringtones to the Liner Ringtones folder. Just ripped an .mp3 of the whole HEA show audio and put it out there.

Direct link: https://app.box.com/s/xhe9ya6u4lesmzh36pgfw2wypn037i4q

The iPhone .m4r version is here: https://app.box.com/s/xlq1pbmbbx6j1zcvrzh2unbcn0geulnh
(Unfortunately, since I have to cut it down to 30 seconds so the iPhone will use it as a ringtone, is less impressive.)


You don’t know how happy this makes me! I have been looking for good Disney ringtones and there were a few on iTunes but since switching to an Android I really have not found many! I will plug in and play with these. THANKS!

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