Disney Parks Personal Shopper

Does anyone have a good recommendation for this type of service?

Short story - I didn’t buy enough stuff :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Long Story - I started a thread back in Oct’ 20 about Disney home decor - Show me your Disney!
In that thread both @Bubblez and @vcka recommended the Homestead Collection dishes to me. I fell in love! Unfortunately, the pieces would come and go on ShopDisney, and when I was visiting in July I didn’t see many pieces. I didn’t give up hope though. On this last trip, I saw that they had introduced some new pieces. I didn’t like them as much. I really wanted the big plates from the old collection. I still picked up a piece or two of the newer stuff, but I didn’t get a whole new set of dishes. Until my last night at Epcot. They had the old big plates!! I was so excited. I bought all 9 plates that they had. And some bowls. And some glasses. And some mugs. And some little plates. And, well, you get it.

I wanted a set of 16, and was able to get that in most of the items at Creations, but not the big plates. I found them on Amazon for three(!) times the price, and I ordered 7. A couple of days after I got home, my friend who was in the parks sent me a picture asking if I had seen the dishes. I think she was at the Emporium (where days before that had not had the big plates, I looked). She was kind enough to get me the other 7 plates at regular price, and I have returned the overpriced Amazon ones.

As my shipments from Disney have come in, I’ve realized that there are some things I would have gotten more of, or gotten at all, if I had known they would have the big plates at Creations (they had a lot of the collection there, but not everything). And that it’s probably smart to buy a few extra just in case. So now I need to find a personal shopper to go hunting for the items I need to finish my set. Which brings me to the original question, anyone have any recommendations for this type of service? Thanks!!


Have you checked that FB group of former employees? I wonder if someone there has done it. Otherwise I’d be happy to search in May. It would be like a scavenger hunt. Other option may be to call Creations shop and ask?


Rhonda’s Roundup on the Facebook Ears for Each other group is great.


Awesome! Thanks!

Since the stock seems to rotate, I may take you up on your offer even if I find someone to shop now. Thank you!



I’m so happy they were in stock for you, and I’m bummed they weren’t for me. Especially now that I’m actively looking for a new set (don’t worry, I won’t snag yours, I’m looking for a matte set).

I used a service that sent people into the shops around the park to find my favorite spoon holder, but it was a few years ago and I forgot the name. I’ll try to hunt them down now.

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I must of deleted the email.

I found an Ebay shopper that said they would go in to the parks and do special requests, but that’s as close as I got besides actual shops.



I’m willing to help on my weekly jaunts (well I try to go weekly) b/c I love a mission/goals. They could be shipped directly to you. Let me know.


Are these the whiteish plates with the mickeys around the edge? I’ve been looking for them forever.

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They have changed what they are selling, but I don’t have any recent pictures. I should go to the Disney outlet store. If they have been discontinued, they could be there.


They are legit, bought a legacy lightsaber from them :+1:

@kerrilux there are a bunch of webstores that carry park merchandise which you could check out. I have no idea if they have what you’re looking for but worth checking out:


I don’t have personal experience with any of these shops, I’ve just found them on google when looking for something and they seemed ok


Thank you! I may start with Ronda from above, then call on you. They had different stuff at each place, some repeats, so it really would be a scavenger hunt!

It’s these:

I looked in every park and resort we went to, and didn’t see them until my last night at Creations. Then my friend found them at the Emporium a few days later. At Creations they also said they were at World of Disney. I got the impression that they just come and go, no guarantees, no schedule.

I’ve seen them too, but they tend to have quite an upcharge. I’m hoping not to pay an extra $10/plate!


Did it go with these?

I’ll keep a look out. My park days are Wednesdays right now.

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Yes! I love them. I thought they were discontinued.

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Yes, it would have gone with those. They didn’t have any of those bowls though.

I grabbed this over a year ago. I want to say I saw some at FQ gift shop not too long ago

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See, that’s what I mean, it’s so random what and where you find it!


I agree, tell me exactly which pieces you are looking for and how many and I’ll look. I’m very happy to go to FQ for beignets and coffee :wink: I know you are going to use a pro-shopper but if I see something I’d like to be able to notify you.


That would be awesome! Thank you!

I’m at DD’s soccer practice right now, I’ll try to get a list together tomorrow.


Did you know that I need an $800 Dooney & Burke Winnie the Pooh Tote? No? Me either until I clicked that link :rofl: