Did they goof up?

Our points have been loaded, but I think Disney goofed up.

Our contract is for 120 pts per year, with 60 pts left in the 2021 use year, which we intend to bank into 2022.

But the DVC site shows this:

I double checked the contract. If there is a mistake, it is Disney’s. I may have to call them to correct it, but I wanted to see if perhaps I am reading this wrong.

When I go to the page where you manage points it says I have no points to bank.

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It looks like they already banked them, but you should also have the 120 for 2022 listed. What does it say if you click Manage Vacation Points? That page should show the history of the points

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Click on Complete Activity Statement when you’re on the 2021 year

Activity just shows the points were manually added today.

These aren’t banked points. They had 60 pts left from the 2021 use year. (The contracts that had points banked had that called out differently.)

2023 shows 120 pts.

Based on your screen shot, it looks like they had 60 pts left in the 2022 use year. I would double check your purchase documents and have them handy when you call. It looks like they were loaded wrong.

ETA I had forgotten that you just bought a resale contract and that you weren’t a member forever, hence my initial confusion when responding earlier.

This is the line from one of the contract documents. I have other documents with similar language.

It seems Disney added the 60 pts to 2022 instead if 2021, and then 120 pts added starting in 2023, which is wrong.

Grab your favorite beverage, settle in and give them a call. You could be on hold a while but there’s no other way — they need to adjust it.


That’s what I feared. :woozy_face:

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Surprisingly, I called and got through to a person immediately!

Then I was told I needed the Membership Administration department instead, but they closed at 5:00.


So, I guess I will try rope dropping them tomorrow at 9:00.


Good luck. Not a magical start!

I called just before 9:00 this morning to see if I could get “in the queue” ahead of others. The menu that took me to Member Administration had no option to talk to someone, but only directed me in ways to communicate via email, fax, or snail mail.

I called back at 9:10, and this time it was going to connect me to a member services team member. Which was “answered” by a message that said their office is temporarily closed, and then proceeded to give alternative instructions.

So, I sent an email to wdw.dvc.member.adminstration@disney.com. That says it can take up to 5 days.

Gotta love how much they apparently love their DVC members! :wink:

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Isn’t that why we are all here, on the forum? It’s our support group to help us survive this dysfunctional relationship :crazy_face:


This is turning out to be a mess.

Disney responded (via email) and said the points, as loaded, is correct. They have reached out to the broker about the issue.

In the meantime, I’ve also reached out to the broker about the issue, as well as the title company. Because, by my calculations, this is a loss of about $2400 of value from the contract that I agreed to. (The Escrow is supposed to hold onto the money and not pay it out to the buyer, normally, to ensure nothing like this happens…but I don’t know if they paid the buyer yet or not!)

I can definitely say this is NOT my error. The language in the contract is quite clear.

What a headache. I’ll keep you all posted as I get this all straightened.


What a nightmare! I hope you hear back from the broker ASAP.

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Broker just got back to me and confirmed that the points should be allocated as I said, and so he has now contacted Disney to get this fixed.


What a hassle!!

I am so sorry, this is terrible. That is lot of money in points!

So, the broker has been talking with Disney, and Disney insists the points are correct. The broker has never seen this happen before where they don’t match, and, reading between the lines, thinks perhaps the seller messed this up (perhaps intentionally so). I don’t know. He is working now with Disney and the seller to figure out what went wrong. In the meantime, Disney will NOT be giving us our 120 missing points.

The broker has made two offers to remedy the situation. One is to find a similar 120 points that can be transferred to us, which may take some time for them to do.

The other is to refund us the annual dues we paid, plus $2400 to cover the cost of renting the same number of points.

Either way, it will essentially work to the same end. Regardless…why, oh why! We seem to have had a series of bad luck recently. Our transmission went out in our van a couple weeks ago, for example. And a week before that, we had to pay $1100 to get our central A/C fixed.


I believe I just listened to a podcast where something similar happened. The broker is supposed to research the contract and confirm the points before it is listed, aren’t they?