Transferring Points bankable?

If you read my Goof Up thread, you’ll understand the context…

But my question is if they transfer points to me, what does that do to the bankability of the points? If they find 120 to transfer to my DVC account, can I bank them into the 2022 use year? (This assumes they aren’t banked points already, and that they are from a 2021 use year.)

I am reading that transferred points can be banked but banked points cannot be transferred? The broker should know if those rules are still in place. I would get that in writing! You want you same UY and most likely home resort?


Ooh! Nice. Thanks!

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Based on the screwup, I would insist that they make them unrestricted.


I wonder if they have that power (meaning the broker)? Disney is already refusing to restore the points based on the contract…so would they agree to change the terms of the transferred points?

On the other hand, the broker pointed out that, regardless of wherever the source of the issue originated, Disney has partial blame because they should have caught the discrepancy during the ROFR period, but they didn’t. Which means, they allowed a “messed up” contract go through un-opposed.

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Oh right. I was reading your update when I was trying to fall back to sleep earlier this morning and forgot that they found out it was correct but incorrectly listed.

But you make a good point about them having missed it on ROFR as well.

Wow just read through the thread that’s awful.

Keep in mind that points transferred into any given use year preclude that use year from any type of transfer again - so if the points are 2022- nothing else transferrers in our out of that year-

And they also retain there home resort privileges -

I personally wouldn’t accept anything accept anything accept 2021 without banking ability ( sept, oct,dec points ) - and only to original home resort.

Make sure you get exactly what you want

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Yeah…the broker is specifically looking for the same use year (or close to it) in the same resort. Hopefully it will all work out…but I started to worry that they’d transfer 120 points, but then I woudn’t be able to use them for our December 2022 trip…in which case, they would become worthless to us!

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If you look to bank any of them a different UY or resort will be useless at 11 months, a different UY will be useless at 7. I know you were planning a home resort/Vero stay?

Yes. Two nights at Vero (which, when we looked up typical availability for what we want, booking at 7 months out is no problem). The rest of the time at SSR (home resort).

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If you have any of those points left over and you bank them they will not combine with your next year’s points if they are different UYs.

Trying to find the same UY is not good enough.

That shouldn’t (hopefully) be a problem. We are planning a trip that will require us to not only use the banked points, but borrow a few from the following year…so all points should be used up with this trip.

The FOLLOWING trip (planned for about 2 years later) will then be entirely on our own (and correct) points.

Consider that the broker could make your dec 22 vacation a cash stay- preferably via a gift card-
I would not want a rental as you are once again at the mercy of someone else’s points and unable to control your own reservation.

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I think you are confusing points transfer with points rental???

He could then change to BWV.

The broker has made two offers to remedy the situation. One is to find a similar 120 points that can be transferred to us, which may take some time for them to do.

The other is to refund us the annual dues we paid, plus $2400 to cover the cost of renting the same number of points.

Not confused but maybe I should have referenced this a little more clearly

  • Was referring this…

Two specific phrases would scare me in the offers

Similar- and renting

I see.

The idea is that IF they find 120 points they can transfer that are from SSR with the same/similar UY, that would effectively give me exactly what I need. (I specified a timeframe for this, so that I have sufficient time to arrange renting points instead if it comes to that.) I would have 120 pts in my account that I could then use to book my reservation (when you also include the 60 pts already allocated to the 2022 use year, and the 120 pts starting in the 2023 use year).

However, if they cannot find such a cache of points for me, the backup is to refund me the money directly, which I can then use the rent. (I already have a contact for renting points through directly if I switch to renting at BWV instead, which we would be perfectly okay with.) This is my second choice, however.

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Yes! I can confirm this from experience! Since yours will be the same UY same resort, they will act just like yours. I have Sept AKL points and Feb HH transfer points. Keeping me on my toes.

But that makes me think, if you ever want 11 month booking at a resort that is not your home resort, you should let your broker know you are happy to take transfer points from that resort :grin: But then remember you couldn’t combine any left over with your home resort until 7 months.

I am concerned what your borrowing will look like for you planned trip. Once again, why you cannot use points from another UY