Deal. Breaker. Enough. It’s too much now

They cancelled the parades. I said I could live with it.

They cancelled the fireworks. That was hard, but I made my peace with it.

But now they’ve taken a step too far.

They’ve turned the smells off on Soarin’. No gloriously sweet African grass.

That’s it. I’m done. I’m out. Trip cancelled.


Is this for real this time?
I can never tell.


You’re fun to play with :smile:

It’s for real that they turned the smells off.

But you’d have to pry my trip to Orlando from my cold, dead hands.


Good to know your limits :joy:

This is how I would feel if I was going. So jealous. Even without the smells.

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uh huh.

We’re only on the, what, 5th(?) flip for this trip alone? :slight_smile:


I could tell you were being silly, but I admit that hearing that water & smell effects / preshows being turned off for rides is another reason why I’m glad I’m waiting.

The stretching room at HM is my favorite part - that’s off. I haven’t been on RotR and don’t want to experience it (trying to be spoiler free) the early rooms just a waiting area now. The smells & mists on rides really sets a tone on rides too.

I’m really bummed out about not going after waiting so long, but if I’m going to pay all that money I want the full experience.


Did they take the smells and water away on FOP too?

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For me, the main draw of ROTR is the, er, very big room, though I get the sense you maybe can’t hang around in there as much as I’d want to, and the trackless vehicle part. The initial flight is cool, too. And these are all operating.

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The worst part, lol, is the end, which is very UOR in character. Regular UOR visitors will know what I mean. If they’ve been on ROTR.


I am curious as the reasoning behind turning off the scents. I don’t question that there is a reason…just wondering what it is.

Best I can figure is that they don’t want folks on the ride purposely taking in deep breaths, or pulling down their masks to get a better smell, etc?

But I wouldn’t otherwise think there would be any danger in having the scents there still, leaving me curious.


How well can you smell scents through a mask? (I don’t know.)

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Maybe the smells should be left on as a screening tool. “If you cannot smell oranges/trees/etc. on this ride, you need to leave” :smile:


That’s a good question. I imagine, based on the fit for most people’s mask, that the smells wouldn’t be inhibited too much. I think few people are wearing masks properly for SELF protection, but they are wearing masks fine (as in, better than nothing) for protection of others. But the gaps around the nose and/or along the sides would still allow drawing in of enough air to smell something.

Again, I’d prefer they keep it off if there is any reason to think it might contribute to a problem…but still curious as to Disney’s thinking!

It’s never real until the day of for @mousematt

Anything can happen! I predict that he brings little baggies of grass and other scents to smell in the ride thi get the full experience.


If you can be bothered to read this, you’ll see I’m currently planning on ditching FW altogether.

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It’s really hard to keep up on all your threads. Add in the hyperbole (which I am fond of using IRL but gets me in trouble here) and I think my best bet is to wait for your trip report. Um. The real one.


You people are mean.

Easily confused should not = mean.

Your trip is a long way off. I stand by my prediction. :smile: