Is there something going on August 7th and beyond because 90% of DDR’s are full.

What are DDRs?

Do you mean ADRs?

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I think he does, I’ve seen him use it before. Disney dining reservations.

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Yes my Abbreviations are not what they should be. ADR’s is what I was after. Even put in the wrong dates. For some reason I am able to make my ADR window with no problem from Aug. 30 to Sept. 7. All of a sudden there is nothing left except for the same few ADR’s from Sept. 7 onward. I have a two week stay Aug. 30 to Sept 12 and find my ADR selection after Sept. 7 is almost non existent. Same few ADR’s are listed which are mostly Signature and Event dinning. Never had this problem before so for my remaining ADR dates I guess I am just going to have to wait but by the time I can book them everyone else will be able to book them as well. Just wondering if some event is happening or Disney has not put out the ADR’s past the 7th of Sept. Thanks.

Are you saying September 7th or August 7th?

You can only book the first 10 days of your stay today and as you get further past the 60 day (I believe September 7 is day 9?) you will find many ADRs have not been loaded yet. An ADR alert will tell you when they are loaded.

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Are you asking about August 7 or September 7?

You can only book up to 10 days at a time so if you are looking past September 7 which would be your day 9, then you won’t see anything beyond September 8 which would be your 60+10. Also if you have a split stay, there are two different day 60 dates.

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I was able to book August 29th through Sept. 6th getting what I wanted. Continuing on within my 10 day window or the 7th or Sept. the ADR choice were few. The 8th of Sept. the same few choices, and the 8th the same, The 9 of Sept. starts my day by day beyond my 10 day window. So today showed the same few ADR’s that have been present after the 6th of Sept. If indeed Disney has not loaded new ADR’s past the 6th of Sept. it makes it extremely difficult to book farther date within my 60 day window.

Similar complaint/timeframe on this thread-

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Yes, I am in the same boat. I know something is wrong because there are NO dinner times even in Disney Springs which is absurd. Luckly for us I got most of my hard to get dates before the 7th of Sept. but after that 79 restaurants show unavailable and only 28 with availability. Most being signature or event dinning.

( An ADR alert will tell you when they are loaded.) Where do I find this?

It’s on your dashboard. You can search for 2 at a time.


You can also search for 6 on Mouse Dining.

Thank you. Have done that but so I guess I just wait until they update the available ADR’s

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We had a giant issue with my 60+10 dates that opened up over Thanksgiving. My guess is that you will see dates open up mid-late next week after the holiday weekend. Keep checking - it is not consistent resort wide.

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Logged in this morning and had the same issue with trying to book later in the stay ADRs . Could book the HEA dessert party on September 9 but that’s about it. Anything after 9/7 is basically not existent. Good to know it wasn’t just me. Frustrating though! Will keep checking

Looks like most have loaded, at least thru the 10th

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