Why no breakfast dining options on Tuesday September 5th 2023?

Anyone have any idea why there are so few breakfast options available for September 5th 2023? I’ve got a 13 day trip planned for late August, early September and staying at AKR. When I got on today to make ADRs for the first 10 days, I got a lot of them easily… Even Space 220… I got the exact day and time I wanted (9/5/2023 @ 6pm).

But when I tried for breakfast on 9/5/23, everything I tried was unavailable. Even Boma, which was the easiest to book of all them for the other days. When I use Disney’s dining search using date and time, I get back exactly two results: Hollywood & Vine and Oga’s Cantina… When I change the date to the 4th and 6th, the options jump up to 20+…

So is the world coming to an end temporarily on September 5th of this year or something?

I chatted with Disney support who had zero answers. They literally ignored my question and said that sometimes ADRs are hard to get. :roll_eyes:


I would say it is a glitch and try again in an incognito window.


Ok - just tried and still getting only the two results… drat :grinning: - but thanks for the suggestion!

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I had a bunch of dining options not open up right when my dining window opened. My advice to you is to set a reservation finder and to keep checking. It’s unlikely that there would be zero options right now (unless you have a large group) and it is more likely that the approvals are sitting on someone’s desk while they are on vacation lol

I would just keep checking. They don’t release every single reservation at the 70 day mark. I would set up a res finder or just keep checking every morning.


Quick update - I was able to get all ADRs… those days finally opened up. Quite strange and annoying how that happened. Certainly took away from the “+10 days” supposed benefit of staying at a Disney Resort Hotel.