Daily Thread: Monday 7/21

Here is a test run at doing a Daily Thread. In other forums I have been a part of, we maintairn a Daily Thread folder and post a new thread each day so as to keep it “chat like”. We also have plenty of other folders that are segregated for more specific topics (examples - tv, books, recipes, news and announcements, etc). But the Daily Thread is used just to jibber jabber - like we do on Lines Chat.

Anyone want to give this a shot with me? Come on in, the water’s fine. :wink:


PS I know this doesn’t solve the Data Usage issue, but Len has stated they will work on that this week. Perhaps if they get that worked out, a Daily Thread could be a solution to respecting the limits of Lines Chat while still chatting like we always have.


Jennifer, what shoes do you wear at work? My Alegrias just bit the dust. I can’t wear Danskos because they make my hips hurt!

So I’m 8 days out! Just back from a week at the beach with the fam (kids have stayed behind with extended fam for this week too, lucky brats!). Our cat is seriously traumatized. Our other cat died a few weeks back so he was totally solo for the first time in his life this week, excepting when checkers-in-on-him came by. I don’t know how to tell him he is about to have another week alone.

Anyone know if I can buy him - yes, my cat - some mouse ears in the World???

I am always more than happy to jibber jabber. I have a 4 days countdown and will be totally worthless at work for the next 4 days. Can’t wait for my 4 day weekend at the World with @BeckyVee!


I wear Dansksos… sorry. How about Sanitas??

Yay! You will be in the World with me??? I am there 7/29-8/5. How long will you be staying??

OK I am going kayaking. I hope I see a lot more action in this daily thread when I get home. I am hopeful that this might bridge the gap for most Liners.

Love you all! Put on your happy faces :smile:

I’ve never heard of Sanitas. I need something with cush in the bottom (I think it’s the Danskos hard insole that messes with my hips). I also need something that won’t get saturated and can easily be wiped off. I guess I need to go to a uniform place and just try things on. The price tags are painful, though!!

Just missing you. We are Sept 12-21.

Wait…I guess that doesn’t qualify as “just missing you”. Lol.

Love this idea. Other forums I have been on did the same thing. Easy peasy.
What if you found a new collar or shirt for your cat? I haven’t ever noticed mouse ears for animals. @OBNurseNH.

You know I like seeing pictures I have realized I guessed people wrong from their screen names. You know gender wise. Lol

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@MissiMouse we will be there the same time as you. I started a September roll call did you post there as well?

I did! So excited. I can’t believe it’s almost here. We started at 324 days or something like that. With school starting in a couple of weeks the next 52 days will FLY by!

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We booked this trip as bounce back. Longest wait for me ever. School starts Monday for me and August 4 for the kids. Are you in georgia?

@Mrs_Incredible it’s to earlie for your kid to start back school august 4th! Poor kid!

I have done the same thing. I get gender and age wrong all the time lol oh … Well one positive thing about the picture by your user name.

Unfortunately, not. I’m only there from 7/25 to 7/28. :frowning: But looks like you’ll be there for the big liner thing at AK!

Way too early but we pretty much do year round with a slightly longer summer. Week long breaks every 9 weeks and 2 weeks at Christmas.

I just want to chime in and say that I like the idea of a daily chat thread. Now, how do we get everyone else’s attention and direct them here so we can really try it?


@MissiMouse (I’m testing a tag) I’m a nurse and since I broke my sacrum in a sledding accident I switched out of my danscos back to crocs. Yes, they’re ugly but my back is better.