Dad & Son Trip Report - An Outrageously Overambitious Birthday Trip

As some of you may remember, my DS4 and I took a Daddy-Son trip in March. Well, DW is on another work trip, so DS and I decided to go back to the World while she is away. This trip is extra special, because he is turning 5 on this trip. What better way to celebrate than to go to WDW!

Why is the trip overambitious? Because I couldn’t help myself from planning lots of extras and add-ons to the point of ridiculousness. Good thing DS is a trooper, and I mostly run on Disney adrenaline and sugar highs the entire time.

  • Tonight: FEA dessert party
  • Sunday: EMM FL and HEA dessert party
  • Monday: EMM TSL and DAH AK
  • Tuesday: MNSSHP

So without further ado, here it goes. (Sorry if some of you who follow the daily thread have already seen some of these pics.)

Day 1: We departed from Dulles bright and early this morning. We managed to catch breakfast at the airport before boarding. Can you all spot the hidden Mickey?

Our flight was on-time and uneventful. We arrived at MCO a little before 11:00 am and walked straight down to the DME check-in. The bus arrived within 15 minutes, and as it was full, it left right away.

We are staying at YC, and we were sharing the bus with BC, BW, and CBR guests. In the past, YC was the last stop, but today YC was first. Score! Literally, as we were pulling into the drop off point, I got the “room ready” text. Another win! So we went straight up and dropped off our stuff and checked out our room. The YC rooms are really nice and seem recently updated.

The view isn’t exactly stellar, but whatever. I’m here to go on rides, not sit on my balcony.

So, we got shoulder Groot ready to go, and we headed out for Epcot.

I must say, I LOVE the Crescent Lake resorts. Last time, we stayed at BCV and this time at YC. It’s literally a 5 minute walk to International Gateway at EP.

We had a really successful day at EP with almost non-existent lines. We started with lunch at Sunshine Seasons, then started a flurry of attractions between 1:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

  1. LwtL (FPP #1)
  2. Nemo (Standby - 0 min wait)
  3. Imagination (Standby - 5 min wait)
  4. Soarin (FPP #2)
  5. Baymax (Standby - 10 min wait)
  6. Spaceship Earth (FPP #3)
  7. Mission Space Orange (Standby - 10 min wait)
  8. Three Caballeros (Standby - 0 min wait)

We also made time to fuel our need for a sugar rush at Starbucks and then Club Cool.

Then, we headed over to WS, where DS tried on several hats, none of which were to his liking.

He was also not very fond of the troll in Norway.

As many of you may remember, DS is quite fond of the attention that he gets from the princesses at Akershus. I asked where he wanted to go for dinner, and he said, “the house with the princesses.” So, for our 3rd time in 1 year, we are going back to Akershus. That probably makes @dumborunner very happy :laughing: Aurora and Cinderella are his favorites. But, the food is just so blah there. I got the mixed grill and DS got the pizza.

It was really nice of our waiter to bring out a birthday card signed by all the princesses, which DS loved!

Now here’s the ridiculous part. As soon as we were finished eating the dessert platter at Akershus, we crossed back over to the FEA Dessert party area and ate MORE dessert :nauseated_face: But, the seating area was really prime, you get to sit while you watch Illuminations, it’s very uncrowded and spaced out, and they serve alcoholic beverages! Of course, you also get to ride FEA after the park officially closes!

I hadn’t seen Illuminations in years, but I wanted to see it one last time (and DS to see it his first and last time) before it ends forever. I wanted to love it, but it is far behind HEA and F! in so many ways. The FEA Dessert party was definitely worth it though, and walking right on to FEA afterwards was a definite highlight.

As an added bonus of the Party, you get to walk around Epcot afterwards and get lots of pics without loads of tourists in the way. I absolutely LOVE Epcot at night. Here are a few shots from both before and after the party.

Well, it was a very productive and fun day. I must’ve really wore DS out, because he immediately fell asleep in the stroller after FEA. Yes, I still rented a stroller for him. I wouldn’t do it any other way at this age, because it’s just way too much walking. That’s part of my strategy to keep him going for this crazy packed trip we have.

Anyway, good night from YC! See you all tomorrow. Next up: MK with EMM and HEA dessert party.


Aww fun! I love reading your trip reports — I hope you two have the best time!!


Wow–I really did not know how ambitious your schedule was. I would need a stroller too on your trip.:joy: But seriously I hope your trip is fabulous–Disney birthdays are the best!!


Likewise! Your March trip report was a great read. You must’ve been back at least once or twice by now with your crazy line up. Hope you’re getting back down for food and wine!


I know, right? But I couldn’t resist doing DAH AK, then I couldn’t get a good SDD FPP time so I signed up for EMM TSL. Then, I though, I love HEA so let’s do that dessert party. But then, this will be the last time for us to see Illuminations, so I should probably schedule that in. And why not do the FEA party, because then I won’t need a FEA FP. :rofl: I blame you all. Mostly you and @dumborunner, actually :laughing:


what a lovely day! enjoy your time together (and thanks for sharing with us)!


What a wonderful day!! Your son IS a trooper…and perfect traveling companion! So glad you get to spend this time together!! And your Epcot phots are beautiful!!


Fabulous start!


Thanks. I’m already up after only 4 hours of sleep, but I couldn’t really sleep. Don’t know if we can keep up this pace. DS is managing to get 8 hours though.


Great day, after reading about the FEA Dessert party, I am even more excited to give it a go in December. It is the only Dessert party we have not done yet, now I just need them to open reservations. What a wonderful father/son trip, I did a similar trip with my youngest but not until he was 19.


It has been a ton of fun. I love going with the whole family (DW and DS2) as well, but my little buddy and I can pack in lots of things and he’s now tall enough for everything except RnR.

FEA dessert party was the best I’ve been to out of HEA, FEA, and F! Even though Illuminations is low on my list. The seating area is great.


Great report. Wise decision on strollet


Great first day! I love an empty Epcot at night!


Thanks for the great first day report, and for sharing the Princess hugs. Did DS5 love seeing Anna and Elsa in FEA?!


Hi there!

I have paid for the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party in late October and I hadn’t even thought that pictures taken after the ride would have few people in them. Your pictures are fantastic. While I don’t have children of my own, whenever I take care of others’ children I follow your philosophy. Wear them out until they pass out. You are such a good dad letting your son dictate plans, it makes for a much easier trip. While you might want better food elsewhere, the princesses make him happy so I’m sure going to Akershus made for a much better trip. Can’t wait to hear what happens next.


They really don’t rush you out of the park after riding FEA. We probably stayed another 15-20 minutes strolling and taking pics.

As long as there are no massive meltdowns, I say keep going :grin:. When we return to the real world, we can live as responsible adults and kids. When we’re here, we all get to act like kids


Of course! He’s obsessed. :joy:


Yay!!! I love reading your reports!!! Sounds like a stellar first day. We did the same thing on our arrival day last trip and I really liked Epcot first. It seems so low key. And good call on the stroller. I had a similar debate getting one for DD5 last month (she turned 5 in June) and I was so glad I did. We would’ve have all been miserable without it.


Do the Princess sign anything else for autographs at Akershus? I noticed the card on the table with signatures and my DD was hoping to get autographs in her autograph book. Not a big deal if not just what to be prepared. Your trip reports are always fantastic! Can’t wait to see how today turns out!


They’ll sign anything, within reason of course. The card was pre signed. I’m sure they have a stack of them in the back. But it was still a really nice gesture.

They will definitely sign an autograph book. We did that last time. :smiley: