A Daddy-Son Pictorial Trip Report!

So, about a month ago, DW told me she had a work trip in March and would have to leave us for a few days. It got me thinking… “hmm, why don’t I take DS4 down to the World for a long weekend while she’s gone.”

I thought I was crazy, but then @hmbhmbhmb posted this thread and I realized, no, it is not crazy, it’s a perfect excuse to visit Mickey.

Day 1

We left a damp and cold D.C. at 8:15 am and arrived at MCO to mid-60 degree temps at 10:30 am. DME was a breeze, and although we had to stop at CBR and BW first, we arrived at BCV just before noon. We made it just in time to catch our 12:00 pm ADR at B&C. Shout out to @SillySamsMom, @bswan26, @missoverexcited and everyone else for your advice on that one.

Then, we stopped at the check-in desk, where the CM figured out that we were on a daddy-son trip. She gave us a pair of these awesome buttons…

Then, they insisted we wear these awesome hats and take a picture with “the captain”. The CMs seem to be much more interactive here than at the Poly where we stayed recently.

Then, we walked over to EP for the afternoon. I’ve always been a big proponent for staying at the Poly or the “monorail resorts”. But, this stay has totally changed my opinion. Walking 5 minutes to Epcot’s backdoor is beyond awesome. The Flower and Garden Festival is happening right now, so we stopped to check out a few things.

I’m also stoked to have picked up these bad boys. Big Hero 6 is my all time favorite Disney movie.

We rode FEA, Nemo, Imagination, Mission Space, and “the big ball” as DS4 calls it. Interestingly, sometime between 2/9 (when we were here last) and now, the activity area at the exit of the Imagination ride has been transformed into the meet & greet area for Vanellope and Wreck-It-Ralph:

Then, dinner at Akershus, where DS4 enjoyed some one-on-one time with all the princesses.

We passed by the Garden Rocks concert, which was featuring Ambrosia tonight. Not really my cup of tea, but we stayed for a song or two.

And finally, since DS4 and I have a major weakness for ice cream, we checked out Ample Hills at the recommendation of @missoverexcited and it did not disappoint. Without hesitation, I say it is better than B&C.

Tomorrow, we’re returning to EP in the morning, then midday break at Stormalong Bay, then DAH - HS. Busy day, so we’re turning in a little early. See you tomorrow!


I loved your DS from the previous trip for his Princess-meet-cool-boy vibe and smiling to see it again! You are a very great dad to plan this for the little guy!


It was totally his idea to go back to Akershus. I actually didn’t tell him we were going to WDW until we were already on the plane, but I asked him what restaurant he would go back to just yesterday, and that was his answer! Thanks reservation finder for finding that one!


Yeah he ain’t no dummy. Dude knows what’s up. :wink:


Lol, i know, right? I’m gonna have to keep my eye on this one. Truth be told, it was a little awkward being the only table with 2 dudes, when every other table had at least 3 girls dressed as princesses. I had to turn to the mom sitting next to us to ask who one of the princesses was, and she seemed mortified that I didn’t know who Ariel was. She didn’t have any fins though, so how was I supposed to know, lol.


I’m enjoying reading so far! A dad and son trip sounds fun - maybe not as fun as a dad and sin trip, glad I caught that typo :joy:

I need to find a way to work Ample Hills into my plans. Looking forward to reading today’s report.


Sounds like a successful first day!! Have a great time!

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Good morning from Crescent Lake


So pretty!

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Extra credit if you can name this ride:


Soarin! Great start.

I am going to feel silly if it’s not Soarin :joy:


Lol you got it! Standing there got me thinking we should start a thread of pics of random things and see if we can guess where they are.


You should have looked back at your last trip report…you had a picture of Ariel right there! :rofl::rofl:

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Oops! I honestly thought it was the girl from Brave because of the red hair even though she didn’t look anything like her. She needed to be carrying a stuffed fish or crab to make herself more obvious!


I really enjoyed your last trip report so I was excited when I saw you and your DS4 were back in the bubble! Enjoying your pics and report so please keep it comin. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


People do it a lot on FB and I never get them, I must walk round with my eyes shut! So I’m glad I finally guessed one :joy:


love the pics. and Ample Hills would need to be renamed ample hipps because good ice cream is my weakness


Day 2 - Part One

I’ll break day 2 into two parts since we’re taking a midday break/nap back at BCV for DS4. Being right at the Int’l Gateway entrance, it is super easy to RD Epcot without leaving at the crack of dawn. So, we had plenty of time to go to Boardwalk Bakery for breakfast. The coffee cake is both huge and delicious.

We RD’d Soarin, which @missoverexcited correctly identified in the mystery photo above. Then we met Baymax. Did I mention he’s my favorite Disney character? Balalalalalala…

We actually got to see him come out for the day, and he squeezed through the door and waddled over to the photo spot perfectly in character.

We had FPP for the character spot and Living with the Land. LWTL is the best Tier 2 FPP in my opinion, because the standby line becomes ridiculously long (45 min today. No thanks.)

Did I also mention DS4 has a major crush on Elsa, even in her animatronics form. So we did a repeat of FEA with our 3rd FPP (which was an anytime FPP from TT being down).

We backtracked to try to do the 3 caballeros ride, which is kind of a waste of time if you have to wait more than 5 minutes IMO. When we walked in and saw this…

… we walked right back out.

We decided to head back around towards the Int’l Gateway and stopped for a photo op in UK.

For lunch, we stopped at Boardwalk Pizza, which was actually the best pizza I’ve had in WDW (we haven’t tried VN yet).


Back at BCV, we found this statue. If Ariel looked like this at dinner last night, I wouldn’t have thought she was the Brave girl.

More to come later on our HS DAH experience tonight!


Bahahaha — I am delighted our impulsiveness (insanity?) inspired you to take your own long weekend trip. We were at Epcot yesterday afternoon too! We’re staying at the Dolphin and boy do I miss Stormalong Bay…

I hope you and DS are having the best time!!!

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Oh my god I DIE at that picture of Baymax coming out of his room. We met him last night and I got flustered because I love him so much.