Crowd Calendars and Wait Times

The Crowd Calendars were updated a couple of days ago followed by wait time for touring plans. In July and August everything is a 1 - and that makes sense based on what we’re seeing. However, the touring plan wait times are off. Sometimes quite a bit. I’m assuming that the TP model has wait times associated with each attraction based on a crowd level of 1 - and that is what we are seeing. But, in these times the model is off.

Up until a couple of days ago, we could look at submitted wait times for attractions. This was a good gauge of what to expect. But, it appears that that data is not collected (or displayed) anymore.

This is what Steve Bloom said in the latest Crowd Calendar update blog post about wait times in their model right now:

Since the wait time patterns are so different since the reopening we have new models to forecast the wait times. These new models use only what we have observed since July 11. They are a lot simpler than the usual models because the wait time patterns don’t vary much day to day. We are watching closely for changes though, if we see something we will let you know.

In other words, the wait times in your personalized touring plan should be based on the latest data. If you are seeing anomalies, post them here for us to opine on, or submit a ticket to Touring Plans to investigate.


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I’m a big TP fan - no surprise since I’m here. However, IMHO - a TP is going to be useless until at least after Labor Day. They just don’t have enough data right now. Plus, the wait times at rides have, mostly, been ridiculously low. (Ex: At FoP yesterday there was zero wait. CMs were just letting people who were leaving the ride reenter through the FastPass queue right at the exit.)

I don’t know when your trip is, but if it’s in August all I can advise is look at MDE as often as possible to see what rides are still having a 40+ minute wait. (The only ones I can think of are MMRR and RotR at DHS) Everything else is less that 20 minutes or a walk-on. People are reporting they can do everything at each park in a single day.

Here’s a blogger a lot of people like - easywdw - on his experiences this week. Look at his site & you’ll see all his visits to the parks since opening

EDIT - Here another article to get you started:


Unbelievable, one for the record books…


That’s great for guests, not so great for Disney. But better than being closed, I assume.

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Hopefully we’ll see some 2’s and 3’s sometime in the near future. For the sake of a healthy, viable business!

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