COVID which park/which days

I know crowd calendar counts are low on TP bc Disney is only at 25% capacity. BUT- Has anyone created a plan/ suggestion for which days to visit which parks during COVID? Or, is it all pretty much still the same? First trip back during Covid even though we are AP, and I need all the answers I can get for my ‘nervous-nelly’ hubby :slight_smile:

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I can’t help but welcome!


I think @Jeff_AZ had some pretty neat graphs that showed if all days were Wednesday we’d all have the best day :crazy_face:
But I’d recommend checking out all the recent trip reports. Soooo many are going and reporting in real time. Welcome and safe journeys


Welcome! I love Touring Plans. However, I believe another blogger I follow, EasyWDW, has been doing a better job of tracking this since reopening. (I, too, recommend looking at the recent trip reports that people post on the TP forums as well)


A lot of this blog’s conclusions concurred w/ @Jeff_AZ charts :star_struck::laughing:


Yep - here’s a link to the post and graph.

AK - Saturday
HS - Sunday
Every other day - doesn’t matter as much


Thanks for posting again… I wouldn’t know where to begin to look for this :heart_eyes: :wink:

…ahhhh well, the title is helpful :woman_facepalming:

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In September we did DHS on Sunday & Thursday. We found it busier on the Thursday. We had AK on Monday & Saturday, obviously Monday was significantly better. MK was Wed & Fri, Wed was better. Epcot was Tuesday.

30 days until the final trip of my AP. (Assuming airlines don’t change my flight/travel rules don’t change) Will interesting to compare Sept vs November.


Great info shared here. Also, plan to keep checking the most recent historical crowd levels/wait times. It’s likely that things will change between now and your next trip that might warrant a park pass reservation change. People have been reserving HS multiple days ahead of their trip, and then cutting out some of those after making a final decision. (Kind of like when you temporarily reserve extra ADR’s). Its unlikely you can reserve HS last minute because of its popularity.

Historical crowd link:


This is super helpful, thanks! Bummed though b/c DHS is already full on our first full day, which is a Sunday (11/29). SWA messed with our original flights so we ended up going a day early and crashing near MCO so that we could hit the ground running on 11/29. I already had two DHS days reserved but after reading all the posts decided to try for that Sunday but booked!! Any conventional advice on checking back, akin to ADRs maybe some will be canceled the week of or even night before?

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What days do you have HS? It probably doesn’t make that big a difference that it’s worth switching things up.

But if Sunday is your best day for HS, just keep checking. But keep in mind you have to dump your existing reservation in order to pick up a new one. So make sure whatever you have is still available in case you don’t get HS during the dump and scoop operation.

I just did a full-on new topic sharing all my dates/plans. Here is the link:

Trying to figure out what to do on 11/29 with that sixth day, currently unassigned. We may just leave it open and try for DHS the week of/night before etc. We are big SW people lol. So we don’t need to be there three days but we would all be happy to be there three days. More chances for BG and all that jazz :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone… looks like I have been using the most info I can. We are going Nov. 1-8… 11/2-MK, 11/3-HS, 11/4- AK, 11/5- HS, 11/6- Epcot, 11/7- MK . We are not going to go to park every day. We are AP so I made a decision to book all the ays, soI could make a better choice as we got closer to the trip. 11/7 is a birthday, so that one we will just have to deal with…

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This date just became available to all guest types!

Sundays continue to have the lowest wait times for HS:

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Thanks!!! Going to Check now!!!

I got it! Thank you so much!! Now to attempt to move ADRs lol :rofl:


You’re very welcome. Now make it worthwhile and get that 7am BG! :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

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Liners for the win!


So I have really been analyzing my park days and ADRs the past few hours :rofl: I currently have DHS reserved 11/29, 12/1, 12/2, & 12/3 but we only plan to go to DHS twice. We have 6 park days and want 2 DHS, 2 MK, 1 Epcot, 1 AK. My ADRs are lined up perfectly to go DHS Tues. and Thurs. With 11/29 being the last day of “Thanksgiving” so to speak, and assuming crowds judging by very limited ADR availability, I am thinking that I may keep my DHS days to 12/1 and 12/3 that week and keep AKL for 11/29. We have a split stay and are staying at AKL Jambo the first two days so want to keep AKL either 11/29 or 11/30. I do have a DHS park pass on 12/2 in the event we do not get BG on 12/1 bc I know we will want to ride more than once. If we get BG on 12/1 then 12/2 will be the first of two MK days. Is your head spinning yet? LOL All things considered, I think I am going to stick with this schedule, largely due to perfect ADRs and not wanting to tack on back to back MK days at the end of the trip. Also AK hours are 8-6 on 11/29 so that is also an incentive for us. Kids love Wilderness Explorers so we will use up the time!

11/29: AK (sleep at Jambo)
11/30: Epcot (sleep at Jambo)
12/1: DHS (switch to GF for rest of stay)
12/2: MK
12/3: DHS
12/4: MK
12/5: Homecomin brunch then depart :sob:

I do have reservation finder alerts set and I have time to change my mind, which I probably will, lol.

12/1 is set in stone at DHS bc I have A&C, droids, savi, H&V. I had Ogas, too but lost during the glitch. Res finder got me in on 12/3 though so I have that, but do have a current search running to try to get Oga on 12/1. The real question is, do I switch it up to do DHS on Sunday vs. Thursday and hope we get res finder/Ogas? Friday is also pretty set at MK bc we love to end there, but we don’t want to do MK back to back so having DHS on Thursday seems to make sense. I know I am overthinking it all lol. But I enjoy the madness!!

As always, I welcome your thoughts!