WWYD? Park Reservations 11/29-12/4

Hello happy liner people!

We are heading to the World 11/28 (late arrival staying near MCO) - 12/5 (2 pm departure)
Split stay between AKL-Jambo (2 nights) and GF (4 nights).

I have a six-day ticket and currently have 5 days reserved:

Sunday, 11/29: TBD
Monday, 11/30: Animal Kingdom, Y&Y lunch ADR at 11:45 am and Saana Dinner ADR at 7:30 pm
Tuesday, 12/1: DHS, Holiday dine ADR at 1 pm, Savi at 2:25 pm, Droid Depot 3:05 pm, OGA 6:45 pm
Wednesday, 12/2: Epcot have reservation finder searching for Topolino’s breakfast and VN dinner but have 8:30 pm backup ADR at Homecomin’
Thursday, 12/3: DHS again 7:05 am A&C 2:30 B&C
Friday, 12/4: MK Chef Mickey’s 7:15 am
Saturday, 12/5: 7:15 am Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast then pack up. Plan to do a QS lunch at S on way to the airport.

Which park would you do 11/29??? DHS is currently booked. Star Wars is priority but already have 2 days with decent plans. Love your thoughts!

DHS would be a great option (as we discussed in another thread) but since most of your days are weekdays, looks like you’ll be in good shape regardless of what you put there! I would reserve something though, just in case they start booking up.

Looking at your plan, it looks like you may need another day at MK though, so I’d go for that. It will probably be busy, but just try to be easy going.

Contrary to what many will tell you, using a TP could help you find the attractions with the lowest relative waits and the optimal times, even if their wait times are often wrong. It’s about patterns and relative busyness, not exact wait times!


I was thinking another MK day as well! Thank you so much for all of your advice!


I would do another MK day.


If you have younger children, yes…MK

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MK for sure!


Yall are making it easy on a girl! :slight_smile: MK it is! We will work a touring plan like a boss and see what happens! Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


MK! Good call! Great way to start a trip!

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