Covid vaccine and you

I just had my second dose of Pfizer this morning! I had side effects with the first shot so hoping for none this time. I guess we’ll see.

Bought a special shirt for the occasion. :grin:


Love the shirt! Good luck!

I did the Pfizer and the only side effect I had from the second shot was a very sore arm (despite making sure my arm was relaxed and everything). It was pretty uncomfortable the first night but by afternoon the next day it was noticeably better.


My DH had chills, tiredness and a bad headache. He never checked his temperature, but woke up wet from sweat this morning, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he had one. He got his second dose of Pfizer on Friday and is just now feeling better. He also had a reaction to his first vaccine.


I love that shirt! I hope you don’t have severe side effects.


2nd dose of Moderna yesterday. Dull headache, severe fatigue (not really sleepiness, just lack of energy), some body aches and chills, occasional earache, and sore arm of course. 100.4 temp. DH said his symptoms after Pfizer #2 were very similar.

ETA next morning: feeling 100% again! :slight_smile:


I had my second vaccine last week. I did have side effects but feel very lucky they were mild. I had a fever and spent the day on the couch watching tv and dozing, but was back to myself the following day.

I am speculating that the 12-15 will be approved this week or next so bring it!


Got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. The only side effect I have seems to be a sore arm/shoulder, which was worse this morning, but seems to have improved as the day has progressed.


That’s what I had with my second Pfizer. About 6 hours after my shot my arm was noticeably sore and it was pretty uncomfortable that night in bed and into the next morning. By the afternoon the day after my shot it was noticeably better. Luckily I work from home so it didn’t really interfere with my day or anything.


I had a little fatigue the day after my 2nd Pfizer shot, but not as bad as after my 1st one. Tomorrow I’m one week out from jab #2!


Three people in our family ended up with a fever from the second dose of Pfizer. But three of us didn’t really have any side effects apart from the sore arm. Interesting how differently this thing affects people.


I spoke w/ a friend in Utah this morning and one of her coworkers that had recovered from C-19 a few months ago is now losing her hair; it’s coming out in clumps and the dr. told her it was one of the possible side effects of having C-19


I gave vaccines at our counties mass vaccination clinic this afternoon. I gave 63 vaccines in 6 1/2 hours. I think all total we gave 886 vaccines. All of these were 2nd dose Moderna to finish the series for the people we had vaccinated 1 month ago.
I help out at the health department also giving vaccines but these large vaccine clinics have such a different feel to them. It is so encouraging to get all these people immunized.
No incentives here though, maybe we need to come up with a sponsor before our big J&j clinics later this month. :grinning:


Ppl like stickers


I was very upset not to get a sticker.


We don’t even have stickers. (We may have had them at the beginning but have long run out.) We used to try to give out lollipops but no one wanted them, LOL!

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It was sad on Thursday when I took my daughter to her second dose. The place was practically a ghost town compared to a couple weeks ago. They were now taking walk ups, and most of the workers there were just standing around waiting for someone to arrive. I think we are hitting the point here where everyone who wants one has pretty much gotten one. Doesn’t bode well for herd immunity, since once everyone gets their second dose, we are hovering around 50%.


Yes same here… seems very easy to get one.


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I’m loyal enough to get my vaccine where I get my Disney gift cards. And yes, I got a normal sized dose, it wasn’t in bulk. :rofl:


Vaccine approved for 12-15yo!

Can’t wait to get my boy vaxxed up!