Covid vaccine and you

I was watching the news and seen where the state of Florida has just put the elderly ahead of front line workers. I am elderly along with my wife but here in North Dakota we a 5th in line. That’s Ok because I believe the front line workers need it more than us at this point. That being said I am wondering how one can dare go to Disney World even with the precautions and not be afraid of catching it. Florida appears to be loaded with it at this point and beds are none existant. Here’s hoping the vaccine gets distributed better than it is here. How hard is it to train someone to give an injection? I was a paramedic and it wasn’t hard at all. Been years now but I am sure I could still do it if asked.

I’m a FL resident and I didn’t know 65+ were put ahead of front line workers :worried: I know that every county in FL is ‘doing their own roll out thing’ and it’s a BIG mess! Some counties are ‘first come first serve’ and ppl are waiting/ camping in line to get a shot at it (pun intended). There are many inline w/o masks too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: My county has online registration for appointments for drive up vaccination but they are already booked until end of Feb. I’ll be discussing this w/ my dr. soon, I’m high risk and at least want to know when I’ll have a chance, but will keep hunkering down at home as long as necessary; although I’m getting tired of it all.

This was on the news along with showing the long lines of seniors camping out for 8 hrs. plus to get the vaccine. Here in North Dakota priorities seem to change daily but the vaccinations seem to be getting out sooner than some states. We are still on Front line Workers and Nursing homes. Next are infasture and then people 75 and older. After that it goes to an A and B section of people 65 with two underlying conditions and then people 65 and older. Finally it is the general population but this seems to change weekly. One thing I know is that if your connected with the government or the family of one you apparently go to the head of the line. Watch the news and see who is getting vaccinated and you will see the truth. We are but pions in a big system. Fuchi make me sick with his on again off again bull.


Oh yes! Another WDW cancelled this April. Can’t count on being immune by then so will move it back to October. Have non activated AP so Oct is a good time to start. Think it may be Universal in July. :laughing:

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This is a tough one. We have been quarantined here for almost 10 months. I do occasional grocery runs, but that is it. This year is our 25 anniversary and my middle daughter graduated from college in December. We were unsure about going, but I have found it harder and harder to get out of bed lately. So, this is our acceptable risk.

I keep spreadsheets tracking Covid data - have since March 13 (OCD comes in handy every once in a while). I know that data shows the hot spots are indoor, mask-less gatherings, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and religious gatherings. We will not be eating indoors at all. We are renting a house (that will be vacant the week before we get there and deep cleaned) instead of staying in a hotel. We are carrying our own hand sanitizer and wipes. No eating or drinking in the airport, plane or rental car. I am high risk and wear a KN95 mask which makes me feel fairly secure. All members of our party know that their mask stays on at all times indoors (rides and such). They are all 15+ and are all firm believers in the mask, but they know I will superglue that thing to their face if they try to move it. We will test in Florida before we leave and then again when we come home.

With all that, yes, I know it could bite us in the ass. I know this might not be our smartest decision. At some point I had to weigh our mental health into the picture as well. My daughter and myself aren’t doing great right now, TBH. Like I said, some days it is hard to get out of bed. This magnitude of depression is a first for me. When we get back home, we will hole up like turtles again, but I feel we need this to keep us going until the summer when (hopefully) the vaccinations are complete.

I hear your frustration about the pace of vaccines. I don’t understand it either. I read somewhere that, at this pace, it would take 10 years to fully vaccinate everyone that wants a vaccine. That is crazy. They need better organization and leadership in rolling this out.


Are you sure it was frontline workers (which I take to mean health care, especially Covid facing) and not “essential workers” (which is much more broad and could mean everything from teachers to restaurant employees to grocery store workers)? Putting frontline healthcare workers anywhere but at the very front of the line doesn’t make sense. Putting “essential workers” behind the elderly makes some sense given how disproportionate the impact of Covid is based on age.

That said, there are some complaints that when the prioritization guidelines are too complicated, it slows down the administration timeline (De Blasio in NYC has been saying this). Better to have simple guidelines and vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible. We are all protected marginally when more people are vaccinated.

We should be approaching 10% of the population vaccinated (like in Israel) but are only at like 1%. It’s one more catastrophe at the end of a long string of disasters.


I’ve heard this reported on two different networks.



Is this for real?

COVID-19 in Florida: DeSantis reveals vaccine rollout plan - South Florida Sun-Sentinel (

Texas is doing the same thing.

The main thing here is not so much getting the vaccine but getting it into peoples arm’s. Here’s my outlook on the situation. The military has many medics that could do the injections if they were told to do them. Car’s inline would be the best here. The National Guard could also be trained in less than an hour to also do the injections if told to do so. There are many EMT’s and Paramedic’s that could do them as well. Now when you get right down to it and the number of unemployed looking for jobs, the training is not that hard and the education should take less than an hour. Here tough you would need to excercise a little care on who should be qualified and who should not. Hell most of them would do the injections for others if they could only get one for themselves. Hell the Congress and the White House are moving to the front of the line under the, Let me make you more reassured, line. Now bottom line is what does this have to do with WDW? A lot as the more people that can get vaccinated the more people that will go to WDW and for that matter travel. I know people who have died from this virus and many of you do too. This virus in NOT to be taken lightly and now all ages are shown to be getting it with some have bad results and dying. Many have next to nothing for effects but are you and yours willing to roll the dice? You see the news just like me. You see them dying in ICU’s on a more than regular basis. My mental health isn’t quite so good these days either but I assure you if my wife died because of the risk we took I would go totally crazy. Sorry for the rant and for those of you who disagree that’s your privilege and your right I guess though those of us you might infect may not think so. My opinion only. Have a Better year!


I’m with you on the emotional mental health teetering… I hope your trip ends well and that you return safe. We live locally (since 7/18/20) and have gone to the parks just 4 times and resorts for dinning 3x? Disney Springs twice? The parks are well managed as are the resorts. We will not go into Disney Springs anymore since masks are not being enforced there. There are too many skirting the rules at DS w/o consequences. As things spike we are choosing to stay away for now. But felt safer there than my local grocery which I’ve only gone into 3x. I believe if things had been handled differently less ppl would have died and there would be an effective system for vaccinations. Your idea of using the military is a good one.

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No, I totally get what you are saying. However, sometimes you do what will get you to the next day alive. I am not in such a dark place that I worry about that imminently, but yes. If it continues this way I could see it becoming that dark for me. So this is my acceptable risk.

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Also, the mixed messages are hard. Like I said, we have been turtles for 10 months. But when you see those in charged at events with mixed households and friends who work in ERs traveling, it does make me question why those who are seeing these horrors are not nearly as quarantined as I am.


I did not realize DS was not as strict with the rules. Thank you for this info.

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I can agree with the assessment of @ppehap .
We were there after Thanksgiving and it was just chaos. Especially on weekend evenings.


Reading your comment reminded me of the time I brought in a litter of foster puppies to the in car shot clinic at the shelter I was fostering at. I was told I would be helping administering shots. Just nuts but I’ve done it now. It wasn’t too bad. I can’t imagine people are any harder than squirming puppies.

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ha, I would hope humans would be easier than squirming puppies :crazy_face:


I gave in and sent my teen daughter back to in person school after I had to put her on antidepressants. The moment she got back in school she quit taking them and she feels much better emotionally. This is a real thing and something we have to weigh when making our decisions. For me, her mental health was a more pressing issue than her risk of covid and she is fantastic at mask wearing after our trip to Disney. Her friends not so much but I correct them when I pick her up from school and they aren’t wearing them correctly. They always say “yesmam” and put them back on the right way.


No way, they can be. Puppies are adorable because they are literally the worst behaved creatures on the planet and otherwise they’d die because we wouldn’t take care of them. Ha ha ha.