Covid vaccination

My mom and mother in law are both registered now! Signed my MIL up today as she moves from NC to VA and is now eligible. VA just introduced an all-in-one system so we just have to wait until we’re notified of appointments.

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The MA vaccine software is making me appreciate Disney IT more :grimacing:



Sad, isn’t it? I feel like Disney prepared me for it though.


Yes, got one by refresh refresh and refresh. It’s for an elderly relative. We didn’t schedule for first week because of all the storms predicted and then they opened it up and caused the cluster that is now. Probably won’t be able to get a companion vaccine which stinks.

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For folks who qualify for their state’s vax phase and looking for appointments: Check out CVS and Walgreens and supermarkets in your states for dates and times, they are being released in batches at different times during the day. You will need to be vigilant (like trying to book Disney stuff) but I was able to help schedule for elderly relatives here in MD. MD has a vaccine hunters FB page as well that’s very helpful.


Okay everyone, here is your opportunity to say to all those Disney nay-sayers that all your time and efforts into getting WDW ADRs, FFP, room reservations., etc. is going to pay off since it was all training for getting a vaccination appointment.


I’m happy to report that DH and I both got our 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine two days ago, and neither of us had any side effects. Yay to no side effects! We’re 65 and snowbirds.

I echo what @cherokee_jacket said. I find it interesting that I’m the Disney planner and now DH is the vaccine appointment hunter. He’s been spending time online scouring the various websites for volunteer slots and vaccine appointments, keeping an eye on things. He then spends time on discussion boards/Facebook groups where he helps tell others how to snag one of the many openings he sees, when the other people grumble about not getting a spot. Sometimes he has phone/Messenger conversations with an individual as he walks them through it. So many parallels to dealing with Disney.


Plan? Who needs a plan??? :crazy_face:

It’s a Wild West free-for-all in Texas. Tons of places to get vaccines, each with their own registration systems. They all book out immediately.

This is the provider list furnished by the state. It’s pretty useless.

DFIL got his second on Monday with no issues. DMIL will get her second in a couple of weeks. Most people I personally know that are eligible are at least booked for their first. I can’t imagine how we’re going to reach all the non-tech savvy people though. :confused:


My husband, myself, and one of my daughters all work in the medical field. We have received two doses. Our facility gives out the vaccine. As soon as we get some from the state we open up booking but the slots are usually full within hours. Its about like trying to get a ROR boarding pass when it first opened.

It’s the same here in PA and there are a lot of people who are eligible that have not been able to sign up. There are phone numbers available to call for those not tech savvy, but my understanding is that people are frequently getting busy signals or there are no available appointments.

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My wife and I both received 1st does of Moderna yesterday.

Only symptom ~18 hours later is sore arm. Last night was pretty sore, much less so this AM.


My in-laws have an appointment for their first vaccine on 3/11!

Still waiting for an appointment for my dad who is 70, and high risk with multiple health issues, but I’m glad we are making some progress!


I worked 2 vaccine clinics again this past weekend. The one on Saturday was mostly giving the 2nd dose to the people we had vaccinated 4 weeks ago and a few who had their appointments cancelled during snow storms the previous week, At the end of the day there was 1 no show for his second dose. The Health Department called him multiple times, left messages and even text him without a response. So my DH got called in since he could be there quickly, and he got his 1st vaccine since this other person never showed up! No way they were going to let a dose go to waste!


They need a tech savvy advocate!:weary:

At least in my neck of the woods, people are helping other people. Word went out that people should think of anyone that would be eligible and check on them and make sure they got an appointment. The big city version was the Dallas appointment round-ups they’d setup in the far side of grocery parking lots. People could line up in their car and talk to someone, making an appointment.


NC just opened to ALL frontline employees as of tomorrow. And will move to any person with a health condition March 24th.

The vaccine floodgates are opening.


My SIL in the Phoenix area was able to snag a slot for next Tuesday “in the middle of the night.” (Her words - not sure what that means exactly!) By the time she finished registering herself, she couldn’t get one for my brother. However, she said there drivers are sometimes able to get the shot when they bring in the person registered. So she’s hopeful he will get his at the same time. She has no idea which vaccine she’ll get. The 55+ group in AZ was opened at noon today and they went fast.

Edited to add: Her appointment is at 10:57 PM!


Press conference announcement: there will be enough vaccine for every adult by the end of May. :partying_face: Still need vaccinators.


If she goes to State Farm or the Phoenix Municipal Stadium, they are doing Pfiizer. A friend who helped give shots there said giving shots to “ride-alongs” varies. Also, keep checking the appointment time slots, they keep adding more spots to each of the previously “full” time slots. DH has been monitoring this, and has been helping coach people on how to snag a spot at various places. You can always try to move your spot to a better time/day.

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