Covid vaccination


The good news is that in the next 5 weeks, supply should sky rocket.

J&J said they will have 20M doses by end of March. Remember, they are 1 shot only.

Moderna and Pfizer both are committed to 140M combined doses by end of march. That’s enough vaccine for 90 million Americans within the before the end of March.

One of the news stations was playing what happened when they tried calling 211 to book. I guess it could have been funny if it wasn’t so typical “I don’t know if there are any appointments”.

That may change (hopefully). J&J vaccine is only about 60% effective with one shot. They are testing now with 2 shots apparently to see if it ups effectiveness more in lines with the others.

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True but 72% in American leg of the trial. Also, still 100% against severe disease, hospitalization, and death.

Also need to remember, that efficacy is is based on trials that took place in South Africa and US and during a timeline that included many variables.

if Moderna/Pfizer had vaccine trial during the same time frame, I’m betting they wouldn’t be at ~95%.

I think J&J is the best vaccine for the world due to it being 1 shot and the standard refrigeration temperatures. I still think majority of US population will be getting the Moderna/Pfizer.


My #'s were off.

130 million FULLY VACCINATED by the end of March. (at least in dose availability)

That’s HUGE


My dad is 65+ and tried for 5 hours straight on Thursday to get an appointment and obviously no luck. He ended up being able to book an appointment on Saturday after following one of the Twitter bots that tweets when there’s availability, so he lucked out and is getting his at Worcester State this week.


I managed to snag 4 (for my parents and in laws) with much persistence on Thursday. It took me about 3 hours of refreshing through error messages to get it done. It’s awful. My parents are at Gillette as I type this getting theirs!


We are confused: “we are the best”.



That’s great!

We have the same thing here: there are NY State sites, NYC sites, and the two counties on Long Island point to their own systems, Walgreens, CVS or larger health systems. (The latter of which often in turn often point back to the NYS site depending on the day!)

To get my MIL and my own appointments, literally had about 10 tabs open on 3 systems, constantly refreshing.

Took me less effort to crack Priceline’s resort codes last year. :nerd_face:

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This is the dumbest thing our state has done!!

what the twitter bots handle? No luck for my dad so far…

Good luck!


Try Thursday mornings at 8:00. I’m looking for an appointment for elderly relative. Also heard the twitter bot works well so you known when vaccine appointments are released but I don’t have twitter.

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Teachers in California have been eligible for just over a week now and I’ve been logging in several times per hour for the last 9 days desperately trying to get an appointment. Today I finally got one! Getting my first dose on Friday.


Now more than 3 days from getting my second dose, I’m one of the lucky ones who had zero issues with the second Moderna shot. My arm was a tiny bit sore, but nowhere near as sore as with my first one. I’ve had a headache for a couple of days, but it is the place and it’s the time of the month my hormones can cause it, so I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the shot. I was super tired on Sunday and went to bed at 8 and slept until my alarm went off, but that could just as easily be vacation recovery as anything else.

I half joked in response to a friend talking about her experience “If I hadn’t SEEN the nurse draw the serum from the vial and hadn’t felt the prick and that pressure of medicine going in, and didn’t have the selfie clearly showing the needle in my arm, I’d almost think she just pretended.”


I got my first Moderna dose last week and felt terrible (fever, chills, headache) the following day. I’m really surprised by how easy it was for me to get the vaccine after reading everyone else’s stories. Our school system let us know when there were available doses at the health department and we just had to call for an appointment–I was able to get in the same day. Of course, this is in a rural area with a low population. I hope that you all are able to get the vaccine soon!


Just heard that in mid-March Ontario will start vaccinating Octogenarians.
Great b-day gift for my dad hopefully.


My Grandma gets her first dose on Saturday:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So happy we got her booked in. She she is 89, still living on her own & the one we were most concerned about through all this.