Covid vaccination

They are in the criteria to go first. But b/c of the wording and systems in place they can’t even get in line with their high risk status a lone. That to me is a broken system.

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Keep in mind that Florida has more people fully vaccinated than the national average. (10th highest out of 50 states.)


We just watched an excellent show about the development of the vaccine (thus far). “The Vaccine: Conquering Covid” is 90 min. It was on the Discovery Channel a couple hours ago, and airs again at 2:00 a.m. EST. This is also available on Discovery+. I sure hope they air it again on the cable channel, not just on their streaming service. I liked it so much, I’m going to record the next showing. Lots of interesting information, easy-to-understand graphics. Also very sobering, to realize the scope of this whole undertaking (to develop vaccines that work including new technologies like mRNA, to do so quickly, and to get them in so many people around the world).


In NC, we were told that teachers could get the vaccine on 2/24. We were actually able to get the vaccine this past Monday, ahead of schedule. I’m not sure what happened there but I’m glad that DH and I (both teachers) could get it.


Great news!

So glad for you! Our state health director stated that even though teachers are considered essential workers there is no push to open up vaccines for us -we are looking at late spring to even summer. I’m really discouraged right now about it. I live 30 minutes from Illinois where they are already vaccinating teachers. We have two trips planned to Florida this summer and was hoping to be vaccinated by then. First one is the second week of June.

We also have a trip scheduled for the 2nd week of June. I feel good knowing that we will be vaccinated when we go. I’m hopeful that you’ll get good news and find out that you can get vaccinated sooner than expected!

You’re right. They both currently fall into my ‘red-zone’ so I think that’s why I lumped them together. The other thing that I don’t love about these two scenarios is that everyone is relatively stationery (or at least moving together in the same spacing, like in a line or on an omnimover), so you’re stuck next to the same potentially sick people. In contrast to grocery shopping, where you’re passing lots of different people and you keep moving around.

Thanks! Apparently there is a lot of public backlash with yesterday’s announcement so keeping my fingers crossed…

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Got my second Moderna dose today! So far, so good. I’m making sure to stay hydrated, which seems to help. Going to bed shortly, but I was tired before I got it (post-vacation tired), so I do not think that’s related!


Unfortunately, too much truth to this.


That’s an awesome graphic. Can’t heart it though b/c I really don’t like the content.


I have repeatedly said that Disney trip planning and going for ADRs and FP+ was the best preparation for signing up for my appointment for my first dose. Second was a bit better - did that while I was in the 15-minute holding room after the first dose and was later able to change it to the same place I got my first which was easier for me to get to.


That’s great. We only have the option of rapid testing. I have been shocked by how well it is going. The logistics are intense. I’m a bit tired of dressing like a park ranger (we travel on outside pathways unless there is an emergency) and the campus has taken a beating this winter…there is so much mud and ice and mud/ice! It is remarkable to see the kids though; all the things we thought would be hard for them (masks, not mixing with other classes) have been fine. They are really happy. Wish the teachers were a priority for vaccines.

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In NC, my wife (34 yr old teacher) is eligible starting tomorrow. I got her an appointment for next Wednesday.

I’m also eligible thru the VA as an essential worker and have an appointment for next Saturday.

Both of my parents (65+) have been vaccinated. I’m proud of how NC is doing.

BUT if I wasn’t someone familiar with webpages, internet, etc it would have been a lot more difficult. There is no central reservation. Each health system and local county health department has their own booking. I can see it making things really difficult for others that don’t have somebody tech savvy helping.


Opposite problem here - they are funneling everything through the central, mass vaccination site for booking. Which overloaded the system to the point of breaking. The hospital systems have thrown up their hands on outreaching to their patients to get them vaccines because they have no control over the appointments. They simply tell everyone to call the broken centralized site. The complaint is that if they were giving it to the local hospitals and BOH, they could help with the prioritization and make sure it’s more efficiently getting to where it needs to go.

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My parents got their first shot on Friday through the county health department. Then, yesterday, my mom got indication through her primary care provider that she can now schedule a vaccine appointment (but not my dad!). Doesn’t matter now, of course. Only hiccup now is that while they were given a return date for the second dose, they weren’t given a time. They were supposed to receive a call over the weekend for setting up a time, but it didn’t happen…and they don’t allow you to call them. So we will have to figure that one out.

Interesting, I was thinking having each health system/county manage their own appointments would be more difficult.

But after reading your comment, I see the massive downside to that.

What state are you in?

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Pluses and minuses to everything. Advantage to having local/county handling is that they can target their own way of handling distribution to what works best for that locality, since one size does not fit all! But, it also means there are going to be some localities that handle it better than others.

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