Covid vaccination

Just thought I would ask. How’s everyone doing on getting their vaccination for covid if one wants one. I know for I and my wife, we have been putting off WDW or anywhere else for that matter until such time we are immune after our vaccinations. Been quite the job even getting one here in ND. Seems priorities change every day. On top of that the best place to get one these days seems to be the Pharmacies. Even they change priorities on who and when. After calling around my wife and I are now scheduled to get ours in a week and a half. Thank goodness at we are tried of staying at home. Still must wear masks and the whole regiment takes about six weeks total after our first shot. Three weeks to the second and another three weeks to hopeful immunity after that. If all goes well we will be booking trips to Universal first then WDW in October or September. Hopefully by then more restaurants and attractions will be open. For the money and the flight expense we must make the most of our two week stay. Good luck after and take care. May the mouse be with you all. :upside_down_face:


We’re not eligible yet. Hoping to be able to get the dose(s) and immunity developed before summer.

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I’m happy for you that you have your first dose scheduled! I am pretty far down the list so don’t expect I’ll be getting the vaccine any time soon. I was thrilled, however, that my 85 year old dad has had his first dose … and maybe his second by now. I need to ask him! Hoping my step mom will be able to get hers soon too. She is 74 and when my dad got his they weren’t scheduling anyone under 75.


I got the first one and had a very bad reaction, which is not the fault of the vaccine - I learned I have an allergy to an ingredient that I wasn’t aware of. I can’t get the second shot, naturally, and have to wait for the J&J shot which has a different mechanism, and different ingredients.


The UK has ten priority groups: I’m in the 9th. We’re being told we should get our first shot by May. I have an August trip booked.


Fingers crossed for you! :crossed_fingers:


I got my first shot and have the second one on Tuesday. I am a teacher in NY state, for reference.


Thanks. But it drives me a bit crazy. The uncertainty. No guarantees it’s going to happen. So much else needs to happen first. I sometimes think I should try to forget about WDW altogether.


Around us, Michigan hasn’t been getting nearly the expected number of doses, and it has actually gotten worse not better. While those over 65 are eligible, they have turned to a lottery system when they become available. This upcoming week, they already said all doses are going to those needing two shots. My parents, both in their 80s, still have no appointments.

We have a long row ahead of us.

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I’ve had both shots of Moderna just a very sore arm both times. After the 2nd I was also super grouchy…might have been “off” from the shot or b/c my full time job has had another full time job added into it🤣 my 12 year old is in the Moderna 12-16 year old trial and my dad got his first shot a week ago!!! We have a trip planned for June but I’ll believe it when I see it!


Nevada is horrible at getting hands on one too. At first, there were a large number of no shows. Then we had a shortage. Seniors I know are being turned away at pharmacies without much of an explanation and my personal Doctor has emailed all his clients to tell us the state won’t even consider to allow him vaccines despite him investing in all of the upgraded equipment.

As of this morning, 15% of people still aren’t showing up for their appointments and no one knows where the extra doses are going. The Gov. also just informed us that he won’t be allowing it as first come first serve anymore, but he is holding an undisclosed amount for under privileged.

Faucci said he expects vaccines to be open to general pop by April and herd immunity by end of Summer. /shrug Guess we’ll see.

  • First come* according to federal recommendations I meant.

I received my 2nd yesterday. Sore arm after first shot but last night and today (after 2nd) my whole body ached (muscles and joints) and had a bad headache but its gotten better as the day went on. I am, thankfully, very healthy and exercise 6x a week so wasn’t sure if I’d feel bad today or not but it was rough this am. I’ll be fine by tmo and with a good night’s rest. Hope all that want it can get it soon!


We’re not eligible yet. I’m not even sure that Virginia has defined all of their groups.

Virginia has been a mess. They distributed it to healthcare systems, and my husband was fully vaxxed by Jan 6. Then, because so many people not working remotely turned it down (blows my mind but that’s another post), they opened it to remote workers. I have done contract work for them and have a company email so I was eligible. Had my second shot Monday and felt awful Tuesday.

If I could have passed that shot on to my great aunt or father in law I would have, but it was either sign up myself or don’t, so I did.

I called my parents’ local health system 59 times in 1 day before getting through to schedule them. I was able to schedule for them (65+, preexisting condition) and my grandmother (75+) and they have all had their first shot. The day after I called all the doses were allocated and there haven’t been any more in town. My uncle, a transplant recipient, has been unable to get one.

The inequity of who gets one and how is insane. How did we not have hundreds of millions of this stuff produced when they started testing it, and we could just toss it and call it a loss if it didn’t work out? Why did we wait until, what, November to start churning it out? We just gonna wait for the virus to continue to outsmart us?


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We aren’t eligible yet and won’t be anytime soon. DH is an essential employee but he isn’t even on the list. Essential but not essential enough… My mom has her first dose tomorrow and my dad in another week or so. They are 75+ but it was very difficult getting them an appointment.

It’s been pretty smooth sailing here in Washington for me. I am a RN, fully vaccinated with no real issues with the Pfizer vaccine, just a sore arm with both shots. My 78 year old Mom got her first dose of the Pfizer on Wednesday, no issues for her at all. She lives in a stand alone house in a retirement community, and they had the vaccine brought to their neighborhood, through CVS pharmacy. It was great, she didn’t have to go to a mass vaccination site, and didn’t have to fight for a spot.
My DH and kids won’t be eligible anytime soon, but that is okay with us. We are careful when out, but we travel and eat out and such, so having the vaccine isn’t going to make us more likely to do those things like it is for some. I would love for a large part of the population to be vaccinated though, so we can return to normal life.


My dad is getting his second dose on Monday of moderna and my stepmom had her first dose yesterday. I’m feeling very thankful!

@ryan1 My first thought was, “ Wow, he’s posting from Epcot.” :joy:. Sorry to hear your parents haven’t been able to get it yet. I hope they can soon.


I would feel the same, I think.

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I am eligible but live in F’d up FL and haven’t been able to get vaccinated here. I won’t go into details since it just makes me feel more frustrated.