Covid vaccination

I’m as far down on the list as you can be. Hoping late spring or early summer.

My dad (in health care) was among the first to receive both doses. My mom (65) should get her first dose in early March. My wife’s 80-90 year old grandparents have appointments for their first dose. I’ll be waiting till gen pop is eligible. I hear that could be as early as April or May.


I have recieved my second dose of pfizer about a month ago. I live in NJ but work in a hospital in Philadelphia. Doses were distributed right to our hospital and the roll out there for all employees was fast and easy. There were people who turned it down and we are using whats left to vaccinate Holocaust survivors in our area. It has been a struggle for appointments for everyone else I know so just grateful for having mine. Hoping things rev up soon :crossed_fingers:


PA is not doing great at distribution at all. I’m not currently eligible for the vaccine. It’s only for healthcare, over 65+, and those who have specific illnesses or situations (such as having type 2 diabetes, smokers, etc). That is phase 1a. My DH and I are in 1b (unless they change things again).

We have a trip to DW planned at the end of November, vaccine or no vaccine.

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NYC teacher here. Got my first on Jan 15 and will get my second on the 21st. (They make us wait 4 weeks and then give us a 10-day window…my 4 week days would have been yesterday but I am at Disney now, I get home on the 17th and have to quarantine for 3 days and test again, so on the 21st I will test and go get my shot.)


My parents and their spouses are vaccinated (all 70+). Such an incredible blessing! I’ve had my first and my brother and his wife have had their first (all HC workers). Other than my DH who is the next priority group coming up (other essential workers), all the adult members of my family here in KY are at least partially vaccinated. I cannot begin to describe how grateful we are. Meanwhile of our family in OH and MI, not a single one even has an appointment yet (including DH’s 96 yo grandmother and 70+ yo Mom).


DH and I are both NC teachers. We’re supposed to be eligible for the vaccine on Feb. 24 but I seriously doubt we’ll be able to get it that early. DM received her first vaccine yesterday. I fully expect that we’ll be vaccinated within the next couple of months, which will make me feel much better about our June trip.


DH and I (65) got ours here in AZ Feb. 1, the first day 65+ could receive them - at a state run site. County sites have been doing 75+, and will drop to 65+ Feb. 15. It’d been in the news ahead of time when online and phone registration would open up for the 65+ at the state run site, so DH got familiar with the website and practiced signing up (lessons from Disney trips!). At drop time, he was able to pounce and score appointments for us in less than 8 minutes. Since then, he’s been online helping others (explaining, giving advice, talking them through it).

We got our first Pfizer shot Feb 1 with only slight localized tenderness at injection site. We’ll get the second ones Feb 23.

We got ours at the State Farm Stadium site here in the Phoenix metro area. They use the whole parking lot for a drive-through mass POD site. They run 24/7, currently do 9,000 per day, can ramp it up to 12,000 per day if they had the doses. It’s a very impressive set-up. You stay in your vehicle the whole time. They have 8-10 lanes they funnel cars into for check-in and again for the shot. It’s such an efficient operation, that it’s being looked at as an example for other states. But it is winter, easy to do that in AZ.


Houston has been pretty good about distribution, i would say 75% of my friends are vaccinated, as am I. It seems like Texas gets larger batches of the vaccine, maybe its proportionate to population- i have no idea. I finally feel safe going to Disney. Hope everyone is able to get shots soon! I saw that April is when it will be open to everyone, according to news articles.

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75% - wow! Are you all elderly or in healthcare?

We’ve been told that here in MD we aren’t getting very large shipments of vaccine so it’s been a slow roll out. Our county has a decent set-up but our allotment is low. That said, My MIL (83) and my dad (74 with health issues) have both had both doses. My mom has had her first but was in the hospital for (lung cancer!) surgery when her 2nd was due and had to postpone a few weeks. She’s now in a rehab center & I can’t wait until she can get her 2nd. They would give it there but they have Pfizer and her first dose was Moderna. My DD23 in VA has had both doses as well but she’s in healthcare. DD24 in NY will be waiting awhile. DH & I qualify for MD group 1C which is supposed to be now, but low quantities means that they are prioritizing groups within groups. Our county is currently on 65+ after having been through 75+, healthcare etc and teachers. Hopefully we can be next but the supply is the issue. We have a trip planned for April that we can push back a few weeks but I’m not hopeful we will be fully vaccinated by then and that’s a dealbreaker for DH so we shall see.

ETA: We are not 65+ so waiting until they open up to the rest of 1C.

Reading all the accounts of difficulties getting the vaccine is making me sad yet grateful. Myself, my DH and my two adult DDs have all been vaccinated and with relative ease. I hope things improve for everyone who wants a vaccine.


It will probably be fall before I qualify…it’s a matter of having enough vaccinations to give. My 89 year old grandmother hasn’t even qualified yet because she doesn’t live in long term care. Thus far, only seniors in LTC & HCW have received it.

Since I am a nurse I had my second dose a month ago. No one else in my household qualifies yet.
Currently vaccines are open to healthcare, first responders and over 65. My county currently has 10% with 1 dose and and additional 3% with both doses. Appointments for over 60 should open this next week. I feel things here (Indiana) are going pretty well from what I have seen and heard. I have assisted at 1 vaccine clinic already and am signed up to work at 2 more coming up. My County Health department is very organized with this and the hospital where I received my vaccines was set up similarly.

Unfortunately my 74 year old father (splits time between FL and KS) has been unable to get a vaccine appointment in either state and my 80 year old in-laws in MI have also been on a waiting list for appointments.

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I’m pregnant so qualify for phase 1B in Texas. I got the Pfizer vaccine a week ago and doing great so far - no side effects. We’ll see what the second one does!


Yes, healthcare and I think most of Houston qualifies under 1b, with a BMI over 30.

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This is what MN looks like, just starting 1b. We’re genpop, so it will be a while.

This is MA

The state is no where close to vaccinating all (or even half) of the over 75 year olds. It is “one hot mess”. I guess they will get to 65 and older in March.

This is Iowa. Phase 1A was healthcare workers and long-term care staff and residents. Iowa is now in Tier 1 of Phase 1B on Feb 1. Just showing it so you can see how varied states are.


We managed to snag appointments through a Pharmacy for Feb. 23rd. My wife and I are both over 65 and she has one underlying condition and I have two. This is ND and supposedly we are now in phase 1B. Of coarse there are three stages in 1b being People 65 and over with 2 underlying conditions, 65 and older with 1 underlying condition and 65 and older. Here in ND they have no clue what stage to give them in now so the pharmacies basically sign you up and hope they have a vaccine for you.

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