Couples trip help - What to do?

Hi guys. After my 1n solo trip, DH (who would never admit it) got a little jealous of the space WDW takes up in my heart and decided he wants to be in those memories :slight_smile: A long story (that has a lot to do with fishing season) short, we’re headed down late late on Fri 3/25 and headed back evening 3/28. DH wants to “do it up,” and I’m torn on where to stay.
So far, we have planned:
Dinners at Jiko, Bull & Bear
Trader Sam’s and Abracadabar
Drinking through Epcot
AK safari (he wants to wait for our son to do WAT)

We will do rideshare over any buses/shuttles needed, prob.

Our options for hotels are:

  1. Waldorf - I got a great rate on a king room with a Disney view, and I’m sure it’s nice – we’ve stayed at the one in NYC – but DH looked a little disappointed that it wouldn’t be “in the magic”… I’m just not sure HOW far removed it is. Like, is it that different than the Riviera (which is also nice but is mostly generic resort to me?) or even GDT?
  2. WL/BRV/CCV - I could potentially get a decent rate here renting points or snagging a TA rate but the regular rate on a fireworks view room is YIKES and we would def be using uber/lyft for everything (dunno if DH even wants to go in MK).
  3. RR - again, could rent points or snag TA rate. It’s pretty and the skyliner is there but… ?
  4. VGF - would have to get lucky here, but I want to try these rooms since I was really not impressed with the regular GF rooms. The dining and lobby at GF are on point and I think DH would love, but will have to get lucky for points/availability.
  5. SSR/OKW - I’ve never tried these and hear good things, but are they quick couples trip material or more suited for a longer stay with family (and a car?)? Also not sold on dining here.
  6. BC or BCV - would again need to get lucky, but the location is absolutely ideal. We are staying at YC in December bkz our son is dying to go to SAB, but I think DH would be happy w/ this one, but $$$$ and luck required.
  7. Swolphin Reserve - nice location, but outside of the magic maybe? But adulting restaurants available!

So, the CURRENTLY AVAILABLE options are really: WL, Waldorf, Swolphin. But I put the other ones out there because availability changes pretty constantly.

Would love thoughts as I know many folks here have perfected the kidless trip :slight_smile:


They main advantage of SSR is walking/boat access to Disney Springs for dining. Then again, OKW has Olivia’s.

In both cases, though, having a car, buses or Ubering are your transportation options.

In December 2020, my wife and I stayed at BWV for the week and loved it.


We are totally fine w/ ubering… just the whole very fast weekend trip thing making closer resorts seem better. plus, i’m not seeing any availability for either of those (which kind of scares me for the weekend honestly but one week later is “fishing season” and off limits LOL)

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You should check David’s or The DVC Rental Store for confirmed reservations for the time you want.

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So that one’s a no.

Save for another day

You’re not sold on it. Pass

This is highly unlikely I’m afraid

We did SSR for a DS-heavy couples trip over Valentine’s Day in 2019. It was okay, and being near DS was great. but I didn’t love the resort and would do something more couple-y next time. OKW is one of my faves but not a getaway thing - more of a home away from home for a long trip thing.

And now you’re at the meat of it. This seems like the idea.

Getting good reviews! worth exploring for your clients :wink: More swoony than some of the other options and near to that BC/BW location too.


I may or may not have checked/am checking every single site that sells them (plus some FB groups and the mouseowners google doc) multiple times per day. Sigh.

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Well, you are trying to go during one of the busiest times of the year, so I can see the difficulty!

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Hahah am I that obvious? I mean, they all have some downsides (BC/BCV being mainly that it isn’t available rn lol)… thanks for the thoughts on SSR/OKW. They both look lovely but don’t give me quick trip vibes. My main issue w/ Swolphin is that he would have same feeling as Waldorf.

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I tried to tell him this, but the fish suddenly materialize in the river on April 1 and he is unavailable until November :stuck_out_tongue: (IRL, the water temp will be exactly the same this weekend as it would’ve been the next weekend, but…)

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Ask him. If he has the same Waldorf response
(no not that waldorf!) then you move back to the other option which seems to be BC/BW


Although, unlike with the Waldorf, you are literally ON property can can walk to HS and EP at Swolphin Reserve.


I stayed at Swan last week with a friend of mine and I declared that this would be my new ‘go to’ resort now that BC, YC and BW are creeping out of my price range. Rooms were nice, we really liked the food options and you can’t beat the area.


I love WL. I think it’s so cozy and romantic. I had a standard room last year and had a fireworks view so that’s a gamble.

I think Swolphin is your best bet bc of availability, cost, and location. It may not be super Disney, but it is in the heart of the Magic of the boardwalk area. I’d choose Swan over Dolphin and even the reserve bc it is across the street and very new and corporate looking.

Of the Disney hotels more centrally located I would choose Riviera bc it is very nice and upscale feeling and looking (on the inside) and you also have the benefit of SL for IG access.

Is BW completely out? It may have better rates and availability than BC.


I have stayed at BWI but not BWV, so I suppose not?

Hmmmm. I liked it when I stayed there.

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BWV could def work… as a back up to BC for sure. But y’all all seem to be screaming Epcot area so there we go


I vote Swan or Reserve. Your are in the magic, you are staying at an Epcot resort (even if it’s not owned by Disney). DH and I did a couples trip in Dec 2020 at the Swan and loved it. Its not overly Disney themed but touches are there. Haven’t been to Reserve but assume the theming is also not over the top Disney. Once you get to the lake or look out your window (we had a theme park view room) you definitely feel the Disney. And IG entrance is the BEST!


It has the best location of the 3 IMO

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There are a lot of options here, and I have a leaking toilet so I don’t have time to read it all (but I’m replying because I love you more than my floors apparently).

Reserve is nice and new. I’d keep that as an option if proximity to bubble without bubble pricing is an issue.

Waldorf is gorgeous, the grounds are just ok. I’d stay because it’s a Waldorf, not particularly because it’s near the bubble.

Have you considered the 4 Seasons? Might be a way to get some insider ifo on Golden Oak (for those crazy people who want in the gates so damn bad…ahem).

On property, for a knock your socks off 5-star property…I’m still looking. The 4 Seasons might be the closest thing. DH really, really liked the new rooms at CR though. He couldn’t say enough good things about that shower, and he’s the biggest shower snob I know! Apparently, it’s a thing because I’ve seen bloggers raving about those showers too /shrug.